EuroPal Forum Launches Campaign Highlighting New Israeli Government’s Racism

EuroPal launched a campaign to expose Israeli racism. (Photo: via EuroPal, Supplied)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Palestinian activists launched an online campaign on Monday to highlight the anti-Palestinian racism and discriminatory sentiment at the heart of Israel’s 37th Government, which was elected on 1 November 1, 2022.

EuroPal Forum said in a statement, a copy of which was sent to The Palestine Chronicle, that the initiative, titled ‘Israeli Racism in Quotes: Israel’s 37th Government’, is aimed at documenting the depth of anti-Palestinian racism across the new Israeli government.

According to EuroPal Forum, the campaign will focus on statements from twenty-five individuals from the governing coalition and will see five statements being released per day for the next five days.

The organization said that it hopes that the statements will enable viewers to understand that likely policies, such as settlement expansion, enforced displacement, and annexation, should not be viewed in a vacuum but instead as the central modus operandi for the new Israeli Government.

“The new Israeli Government represents a clear and visible threat to the security of Palestinians living across historic Palestine and in the diaspora,” Chairman of EuroPal Forum, Zaher Birawi, said, adding:

“It is hoped that this campaign and other campaigns highlighting the nature of this new government will put pressure on decision-makers to disengage with Israeli officials who support racist views and who seek to promote and uphold apartheid policies”.

Birawi added that “it is deeply disappointing that British Foreign Office Minister Lord Ahmad only last week met with two Israeli Ministers – MK Eli Cohen and MK Nir Barkat – that our campaign identifies as espousing racist viewpoints towards Palestinians. The culture of impunity afforded to Israel and Israeli officials is unprecedented.”

EuroPal Forum said that part of its campaign will also include a letter of concern being sent to parliamentarians in the United Kingdom and across Europe, and the release of additional statements focusing on the racism espoused by other Members of the Knesset, as well as by prominent members in Israeli society.

The statements follow on from a previous 2019 campaign organized by EuroPal Forum, and are being shared across the organization’s social media pages: Instagram; Facebook; and Twitter.

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