Expect This in Ramadan – Abu Obeida Delivers Longest Speech since October 7

Abu Obeida, the military spokesman of Al-Qassam Brigades. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

This was arguably the longest speech by Abu Obeida, the military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, since the start of the war. 

This time around, Abu Obeida did not count the number of Israeli tanks that have been destroyed or the soldiers killed. Daily videos released by the Palestinian Resistance are enough to attest to the nature of the battles on the ground.

The emphasis, however, was largely on the holy month of Ramadan, more specifically, what the Gaza Resistance expects from their brethren in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem during this month.

Particularly interesting are the pressing subjects that Abu Obeida did not speak about or merely dedicated a few passing sentences: One, the Gaza pier that the United States wants to build for the supposed facilitation of aid, and two, the truce negotiations in Egypt. 

Regarding the first topic, Abu Obeida said nothing, and regarding the second, he merely restated the Resistance conditions that no truce is possible without a permanent ceasefire.

Below are excerpts from Abu Obeida’s speech, as always unedited and presented in their original form as conveyed by the Resistance News Network through their Telegram channel.” 

‘Zionist Rampage’ 

“The battle of the Al-Aqsa Flood enters today, and this savage war on our people its sixth month, and still the criminal enemy practices against our people a real Nazi holocaust of killing, starving, tightening, and destruction and despises all the laws of the world (..)

“Our people stand in the face of an unprecedented American Zionist aggression in history, so that this battle, God willing, will establish a new phase not only on the level of Gaza and Palestine but on the level of the world, a phase whose title is that rights can only be taken by force and weapon and that every rights seeker should not wait for a mirage from international powers that have practiced oppressing peoples and enslaving nations.

“The international community and its outdated laws are designed to protect injustice, oppression, and aggression with the might of the tyrant force, at the forefront of which is the American administration. Our people and our resistance understood this equation early on, hence the resistance of our people and its renewed revolution, and therefore the epic of October 7th came as a response to decades-long continuous aggression, which culminated in an attempt to Judaize, defeat, and provoke the feelings of all Muslims.

Is the Gaza Pier a US Conspiracy? – Gaza on the Line (PC TV)

“The Zionist rampage escalated with the arrival of the most extreme and Nazi government to power in the entity, planning before October 7th what it is doing today in Gaza, the West Bank, and Al-Quds, based on an alleged Torah heritage that openly calls for the burning, killing, and destruction of other nations, empowered by gangs of Zionist usurpers who have long since started their detestable religious war against our Al-Aqsa, our people, our sanctities, and our land. (..) 

“In the face of this reality and aggression, we in Al-Qassam Brigades and the Palestinian resistance have carried our souls on our hands and still do, realizing that the enemy, who understands only the language of force, will not be subdued by statements, conferences, condemnations, or even international resolutions.

“By the strength and help of God, we still have more as long as the aggression continues on our land unabated, there will be no calm, and he will not succeed in bringing security neither to his public nor to his terrified, confused army before he gives our people their right and ends his occupation of our land and our sanctities.”

Month of Victory 

“O our people, our nation, and the free people of the world, we, in the Martyr Izz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, at the dawn of the sixth month of the Al-Aqsa Flood battle and on the threshold of the blessed month of Ramadan, extend our blessings to our great people, to our Islamic nation, for the approaching holy month of Ramadan, a month of obedience, jihad, and victories.

“While Muslims around the world are preparing to welcome Ramadan, we have offered as a sacrifice to Allah a cascade of pure blood and pure souls, greeting it with the pinnacle of Islam’s pride: jihad, steadfastness, and fighting in a time when (true) men are rare… O you who worship in the two Holy Mosques, if you saw us, you would know that you play at worship. While one may stain his cheeks with tears, our necks are stained with our blood.

Your ‘Aid’ is Killing Us – Five Gazans Killed in Shati Refugee Camp (VIDEO)

“In the face of a two-billion-strong nation, there is an enemy who does not care for the sanctity of their Al-Aqsa Mosque, which they plan to, despite their claims otherwise, restrict its people, expel them, and impose restrictions on worship therein as a continuation of the declared religious war. They do not respect the sanctity of innocent blood, which is more sacred to God than the sanctity of the blessed Kaaba.

“We call on all our people in the West Bank, Al-Quds, and the occupied 1948 lands to mobilize and march towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque, to stand firm in it, and not to allow the occupation to impose realities on the ground.

“Al-Aqsa is ours, part of our creed, and for its sake, the Al-Aqsa Flood was launched. For its sake, our people have given everything they own. God has chosen to honor every home in Gaza with this great honor, so there is no home without a martyr, a wounded, or a prisoner for the sake of Al-Aqsa.”

In Honor of Gaza 

“Congratulations to Gaza and its people on this honor. It is the duty of every free person to join in the sacrifices of Gaza and its resistance and to give everything precious for the sake of the first Qibla to thwart the enemy’s plan to divide it temporally and spatially, leading to its demolition and the establishment of the alleged temple.

“We call on the masses of our nation everywhere to declare a general mobilization to confront the arrogance of the occupation in every field of battle and confrontation, and in every arena for protest and demonstration (..)

“Our fighters, in all their positions and commitments, continue, with the help of Allah, the battle to confront the aggression at all points and axes of confrontation wherever the enemy’s army and its aggressive forces are located on the land of our (Gaza) Strip. Our fighters possess high morale and a fighting spirit unparalleled, demonstrating great heroism, and they are ready for more infliction upon the enemy with the support and presence of Allah.

“By the grace of Allah Almighty, in the last three weeks, the fighters have been able to carry out a large number of qualitative operations through selected units from Al-Qassam Brigades, which have caught the enemy in tight ambushes in combat zones, exploding enemy vehicles, executing sniping operations of officers and soldiers, blowing up and targeting buildings where enemy soldiers are fortified, and bombarding gatherings [of soldiers] with shells.

“The operations were concentrated in the infiltration areas in the south and north of the Gaza Strip, which we announce from time to time and broadcast some of the documented scenes by the grace of Allah Almighty and His support.”

Negotiations or Deception? 

“Amid the occasional news of progress, breakthrough, or setback in the ceasefire negotiations file, it has become clear that the criminal enemy government uses deception and evasion, characterized by confusion and disarray.

“While we have engaged positively and continue to do so with the mediators, our utmost and foremost priority for accomplishing a prisoner exchange is the commitment to completely stop the aggression against our people, which entails the enemy’s withdrawal, in addition to our people’s enhancement and the return of its displaced and reconstruction.

“These fundamental and humanitarian issues are non-negotiable, and our people and resistance do not benefit from or care about any proposals that do not include these humanitarian axioms. Nothing is prioritized over healing the wounds of our people, who are facing genocide due to their adherence to their rights and defense of their land and sanctities.

“The American administration’s lament over a limited number of the enemy’s prisoners, in the face of its ignoring the massacres and genocide and the holocaust that our people are subjected to, in addition to ignoring thousands of prisoners from our people, confirms the double standards of this administration and those in its orbit, and their disregard for neither human rights nor so-called international law. 

To Save Israel: The US is Destroying the International System It Once Constructed

“The sick mentality of Zionist terrorism, starvation, displacement, killing, destruction, terrorizing, burning libraries, destroying historical artifacts, infrastructure, and civil institutions, is fully implemented by the enemy’s army, committing horrific crimes that rival what is known as the Nazi holocaust.

“Indeed, the horror has surpassed the Nazis to a new level with a deliberate starvation war where the world witnesses fathers killed while seeking sustenance for their children, children being starved and killed by hunger and disease in an unprecedented war crime. Some countries complicit with the enemy are now in a difficult position, unable to find a way to justify this holocaust and incapable of aligning with this level of decadence. 

We confirm that this famine has cast its shadow over all components of our people in Gaza, including the enemy’s prisoners who live the same level of hunger and deprivation that our people endure. They suffer from a lack of food and medicine, and a number of the enemy’s prisoners are suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and emaciation. Disease now threatens the lives of some of them in the absence of adequate medicine and food, in addition to being subjected to bombing and killing in many incidents that we have repeatedly announced. 

“If the families of these prisoners are concerned about their lives, let them know that their government and their war council are playing with the lives of their children and insist on receiving them in coffins. The ball is in their court to save those who can be saved from them.”

‘Our Heroic People’ 

“O our people, our great nation, our capital, and the crown of our heads, greetings to you from your sons on the front lines and in the battle sites, whom you have sent for Allah and in the cause of Allah. They fought for the honor of this land with their blood and jihad. 

Greetings to the souls of our righteous, pure martyrs who wash away the disgrace of a helpless nation with their blood, and greetings to our heroic wounded who bear pain and injuries that testify to the heroism of a generous great nation, and to our free prisoners languishing in the dens of lions, offering the flower of their youth for Allah and the homeland. Greetings to every family and household displaced from their homes under the brute force of aggression. Verily, the patient will be rewarded without account, and victory is but patience for an hour.

“Greetings to our sacred capital, to our captive Al-Aqsa, to the fighters from our nation’s heroes in all battlefields, and greetings to the souls of their martyrs on the path to Al-Quds and their heroics in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and every front fighting with us.” 

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