Global Action Day – Millions Rally for Gaza

Hundreds of thousands of people rally in the streets of Sana'a in Yemen. (Photo: Ansarallah Media Center)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Millions of people rallied for Gaza around the world on Saturday from Turkiye to Germany, to Australia and South Korea. 

The large crowds of protesters chanted against the Israeli genocide underway in the Gaza Strip, calling for an international intervention to impose an immediate ceasefire. 

The protests were held under the slogan Gaza Global Action Day, which was announced by pro-Palestine solidarity groups. 

It is estimated that rallies were held in over 100 cities in 45 countries around the world. 

In Germany, one of the largest protests was held in the cities of Berlin and Munich while in Sweden, tens of thousands of protesters flooded the cities of Stockholm among other cities. 

Several Italian cities also reported large pro-Palestine rallies and gatherings, including the city of Turin, in northern Italy, and Verona, where the police cracked down on the protesters.

Even in Luxembourg, a large crowd took part in a Gaza solidarity protest. 

Ireland was, of course, not the exception, as several Irish cities, especially Dublin, were flooded with protesters, chanting for Palestinian freedom and in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Turkish cities featured prominently in the pro-Palestine rally list. The largest protest was in Istanbul, which was organized by civil society and governmental organizations. 

Once more, English cities led many of the protests in terms of turnout. Hundreds of thousands took part in the London protest, which started in Hyde Park, in central London, and marched toward the Israeli embassy demanding an end to the Israeli genocide. 

In New York, a large rally, organized by students, started spontaneously in front of a public library and made its way to the headquarters of the New York Times newspaper. 

Social media videos and posts showed American police cracking down at the protesters, arresting several of them. 

In Sydney, Australia, a rally was held in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. It demanded speedy delivery of humanitarian aid to the 2.3 million Palestinians besieged in Gaza, chanting for an immediate ceasefire. 

In Seoul, South Korea, a large crowd chanted against the Israeli genocide, raising Palestinian flags and calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a war criminal. 

In the Arab world, once more, Yemen and Morocco led the way.

For the second day in a row, millions of Yemenis marched in cities, towns, and even villages in solidarity with the Palestinians. The Yemeni rallies took place even during relentless American and British attacks on Hodeida and other Yemeni regions.

Unlike other Arab countries, Yemen has translated its solidarity into action, by preventing ships bound to Israel from passing through the Red Sea. 

The direct Yemeni action has led to the creation of another US-led war coalition, which has targeted Yemen through airstrikes that killed and wounded many. The Yemeni army says that they will not relent until Israel ends its genocide in Gaza. 

For its part, a Moroccan solidarity group declared that it has held 120 protests in major Moroccan cities, including Casablanca, Kunaitera, Sala, and Al-Jadeeda, demanding that Israel does not attack Rafah, and calling for an end to the genocide.

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  1. I think Yemen has a case to put before the International Court of Justice. Namely that the Genocide Convention overrides trade; the Genocide Convention makes it mandatory that states do not support those committing genocide; Yemen is following the law, while the United States is violating it. It would be very interesting to watch.

  2. Prezados do Palestine crônica.
    Sirvo-me por meio desta a Lhes Fazer
    uma singela pergunta aos Irmãos e irmãs. Será que LITERALMENTE todo o mundo conforme manifestações acima estão errados e esses GENOCIDAS-CRIMINOSOS estão certos? Forte abraço!!

  3. Prezados do Palestine crônica.
    Sirvo-me novamente por meio deste conceituado site, a fim de fazer a todo o mundo e suas respectivas AUTORIDADES, outra indagação,:Como e possível que um Estado “fabricado” de somente 70 anos ter o Direito de se defender como ELES dizem na “CASA” alheia? Os próprios ROMANOS a época a mais de 2.000 anos chamavam a terra SANTA de PALESTINE, que por lá já estavam Árabes, Judeus, Cristãos etc. Free toda a Palestine e NÃO aos GENOCIDAS-CRIMINOSOS!!
    Muito obrigado irmãos e irmãs em todo este Planeta-Nacoes LITERALMENTE suplicando por JUSTIÇA!! Que o Pai-celeste Vos Lhe pague!Forte Abraço. Pesquisemos Irmãos, está é a VERDADE. Obrigado

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