In Numbers – Israel’s Losses in the Last Five Months of Fighting with Hezbollah

Israel’s Losses in the Last Five Months of Fighting with Hezbollah. (Photo: Hezbollah military media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah took it upon itself to stand in solidarity with the Resistance in Palestine. 

That was the first step leading to the implementation of what is known as the ‘Unity of the Squares’, as in the unity of the battlefields between all anti-colonial and Resistance movements in the Middle East. 

That unity eventually brought in the Yemeni Armed Forces affiliated with Ansarallah, and various Iraqi and Syrian movements, among others. 

How Powerful is Lebanese Hezbollah and Why Does It Exist?

While the Israeli military is clearly undercounting its losses in Gaza, which according to Israeli hospital records and media are numbered in the many thousands, it simply does not declare its losses in the northern front altogether.

But there is much that we already know by simply gleaning information from the regular videos produced by Hezbollah, documenting many of their daring attacks, often showing Israeli ambulances carrying out the dead and the wounded. 

This is what we know so far, based on Hezbollah’s documented evidence and statements, in addition to a recent infographic released on Monday by the group on their Telegram channel.

In the first five months of the war, Hezbollah has done the following:

It carried out 1,194 military operations.

It destroyed 68 Israeli military vehicles.

It targeted 38 command centers, 287 bunkers and fortifications, and 300 technical equipment.

It also hit 2 military factories, 22 artillery positions, and 2 Iron Dome platforms.

43 Israeli settlements were evacuated, while 230,000 settlers were displaced.

Types of weapons used included artillery, surface-to-surface rockets, sniper or machine guns, air defense, aerial drone attacks, guided missiles, and a variety of other weapons.

Finally, the number of those killed or wounded among the Israeli military is estimated to be over 2,000, according to the Hezbollah statement.

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