Israel Detains 12 Relatives of Jerusalem Synagogue Attackers

Israeli forces on Tuesday detained 12 relatives of two Palestinian men who had earlier attacked a Jerusalem synagogue killing four Israelis.

Ghassan Abu Jamal and his cousin Udayy, from the Jabal al-Mukabbir neighborhood of East Jerusalem, entered a synagogue armed with a gun, axes, and knives and killed four Israeli worshipers.

Both men were shot dead by Israeli forces at the scene of the incident.

The family of the men said Israeli forces raided their homes following the attack and detained 12 family members, including Abu Jamal’s wife, mother, and brothers Munther, Jamal, Imade, Murad, and Muawiya.

The brother of Udayy, Mutaza, was also detained.

At least 17 Palestinians suffered tear gas inhalation and five were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets during clashes following the arrests.

Israeli forces sealed the entrance to the Jabal al-Mukabbir neighborhood with cement blocks.

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  1. Israel has made lots of threats against the Palestinians after the attack where four Jewish men were killed. Whenever ONE, Just ONE Jewish person is killed, the Jewish propaganda tries to tell everybody that the most horrible crime has been committed. However, a huge number of Palestinians have been murdered by the Jewish police without any reason. Just plain malice, hate and a great injustice was in the Jewish minds, when they attack the Palestinians.

    I guess that Israel just had a taste of the same medicine they have been giving to the defenseless Palestinian. So . . . why are they complaining?

    • It pains me to see our brothers commit acts of violence prompted, even motivated by their terrible living conditions. Why do not the leaders in neighboring Arab countries help bring the economy to these Palestinians. Work to create jobs for them and bring them into the economy so they can create a living instead of violence?? If Jews were able to pool resources together to take over Israel, we can create a plan that brings a self-sustaining living system to the west bank. imports, exports, jobs. Show the world Jews are not smarter than us. We cannot be intimidated by them and we can’t fall into the stereotype they have created for us. We shouldn’t care to waste more time with Jews/Israelis.

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