Khitam al-Saafin

Khitam al-Saafin

Khitam al-Saafin was sentenced to three months without charge or trial by Israel, (Photo via Maan)

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  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that i supports the work that Khitam Saafin has been doing over all these years to support Palestinian Women Prisoners and all Palestinian Political Prisoners.It is women like Khitam Saafin who is doing exceptional work with Palestinian Political Prisoners that the Israeli Gov’t goes after.These women like Khitam Saafin is well known around the world and they got lots of support.The Israeli Gov’t will never be able to stop them from doing what they can to get rid of Israeli Occupation of Palestinian.The support for Khitam Saafin will continue until she is freed from the Zionist Prison.

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