Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian, Drag His Body with a Bulldozer in Gaza (VIDEO)

An Israeli military bulldozer drags the body of a Palestinian young man near the Gaza fence. (Photo: Video Grab)

Israeli forces killed one Palestinian near the fence separating besieged Gaza Strip from Israel, then used a bulldozer to extract the body and confiscate it.

The Israeli army said that the “soldiers opened fire at two Palestinians placing an explosive device next to the fence”, Reuters reported.

However, a video, that is sparking outrage on social media, shows a bulldozer approaching the body of the slain Palestinian, who has been identified as 27-year-old Mohammed al-Naem, as two unarmed men were trying to collect it.

The two young men run away when the sound of gunfire is heard, and the Israeli military bulldozer confiscates the body. 

The Gaza health ministry said two civilians were wounded by Israeli gunfire at the scene.

“The grisly murder of Naem represents the essence of Zionism, a political ideology that was modeled after European fascism, and despite its claims of progress and enlightenment has remained consistently the world’s most backward political philosophy – as it is predicated on discrimination and violence against those who belong to the ‘wrong’ religion, the ‘wrong’ race, and the ‘wrong’ color,” Palestinian journalist Ramzy Baroud wrote in a recently-published article.

“Naem’s death will not end resistance in Gaza, as subsequent events have demonstrated; rather, it would further accentuate the savagery of Israel as a heartless military occupier in the minds of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and anyone who can see through Israeli state-sanctioned lies and propaganda,” Baroud added.

“It goes without saying that Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians, because peace-makers do not besiege people, do not kill innocent children, do not destroy people’s lives and deprive them of their dignity. And, most importantly, because peace-makers do not dangle the corpses of young men from the blades of military bulldozers.”

(Palestine Chronicle, Shehab Agency, Social Media)

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  1. I am israeli and I feel ashamed when I see the pictures, but you must not forget that you are a people of barbaric terror and educating your future generation for hatred, there will never be peace! The Holy Land is holy to the Jews

    • You stolen our land , how you can live in home not for you !!
      How you can think in this way…

      If I come to take your money for sure you can’t watching that without any reaction!!!!

      Oh my god …. I don’t know how you still live in this world

      • Muslims used to steal lands, submit people of different races and convert them to their religions for centuries. It is still considered a glory, a military wit of Islam and its followers. Nobody bitches about it.

        I’m not supporting bulldozing, but I think to end the war, Palestinians should finally accept defeat and stop playing “victim card” and do guerilla warfare. Youngsters should not run around in open field screaming Allah Akbar, but should be busy studing Maths, Physics, Biology and try to be useful, gain career, have family.

      • Actually they didnt steal your land….the Americans gave it to them.

        The rest claimed a so called ” great return” as advertised in our jamaican newspaper from 1942

    • That’s not an apology chump, just more hate. Try looking in the mirror for all the barbaric terror you will ever need. It’s called the Holy Land (a dubious title imo) not the Holy (but only for one bunch of God botherers, not anyone else) Land

    • Zionism is colonial nationalism through violent means of extraction of a whole people off of their land. Wonder if your cognitive dissonance will falter one day, leaving you to peek the reality of the situation, which is that your very society and beliefs upon which you defend here, mirrors so closely, and resembles that of 3rd Reich German Nazi’s. How utterly repulsive, and disgusting. A hypocrite in the most appalling way imaginable.

      • That dissonance is becomin louder and louder. At least among USA-ian Jews. I read a wonderful essay in ‘The New York Review of Books’, on how a younger generation of progressive Jews, are increasingly unable to “Check their progressive values, when Israel comes up. They are ‘checking’ Zionism instead.” (Can’t locate the piece.)

    • To be honest my brother, the only barbaric terror I see is from Israel.. we are not educating our children hate, even the holy Quran forbids it to act because of hate. It’s just u can’t do wrong things like this and say then:” you hate us!”. Of course Palestinians will hate you, if you steal the country and kill the children. What do you think you will receive? Baklawa? Falafel? Subhanallah

    • We are people of “barbaric terror”? Coming from the Israeli who’s people illegally take occupy a nation and then he has the audacity to claim that the Holy land belongs to the jews? Listen here, when the Muslims took over Jursalam they allowed the Jews back in, and then in WWII they helped the Jews from Nazi Germany and this is how you repay the Muslims? Do your research before you open your disgusting mouth.

      • Lol when they took over “Jerusalem ” they let the jews back in. So who was there first jews or muslims? And who showed aggression first jews or muslims if Muslims took over Jerusalem and “let” jews back in.

        Not that i care much because i hope some other force comes in and takes the land from both jews and Palestinians so this stupid fight will be over with and no one on either side will bleed.

        Jews Palestine two children fighting over a toy that isnt even worth it.

    • As a Canadian I have seen documentaries showing exactly what you accuse the Palestinians of ( barbaric terror and educating your future generation for hatred) only it is the Israelis. In the documentary young Israeli children are being indoctrinated in school to view Palestinians as terrorists, as roaches as less than human because they are being prepared to eventually serve in the IDF and they need to be desensitized to what they are told is the enemy. Palestinians are defenceless against the Israelis! They throw rocks to show their anger at how they are being treated, injuring no one! The Holy Land is holy to the Palestinians as well as the Jews! They are also human beings, like Israelis!

    • The way Israelis treat Palestinians is absolute inhuman. We are not educating our future generations for hatred, we are educating them on the pain and suffering Israelis inflict on Palestinians. The holy land does not belong to the Jews. Many Jewish people do not view Israel as a Jewish state because they recognize the truth.

    • You are the barbaric terrorists, the Palestinians don’t need to educate their young people to hate, Israel is doing it for them by their murderous actions. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.Long live Palestine.

    • It can’t belong to the Jews as they have no story. You’ll never have it.
      Are you proud to be an Israeli ? Don’t you feel ashamed about that ?

    • The only barbaric act is the OCCUPATION and what you are doing to the innocent young people in Gaza. !!!
      Placing them in concentration camps. Something that jewish people should be very sensitive to. !!!!!!
      Freedom is something invaluable!!!!!!!

      • you are the mother of terrorist zionist regime and you people are just like a mad dog who dont know any thing and don’t care for any humanity as he is a mad animal which should be thrown away from society and kept in jail.

    • You definitely sound like you’re “ashamed”.

      It’s amazing how you can call the victim of this atrocity “barbaric” but not the animal that’s operating this machine and his barbaric army.

      Hypocrisy at its best

    • Jews were one of many groups who have occupied that land and they occupied it for a relatively short time. Look at the time graph on the Wikipedia page for Jerusalem and you will see what I mean. What possibly legitimate claims could European (ancestors of primarily latter day converts) have over a piece of land that other groups lived on for far longer than Jewish people ever did? And who has lived there since that time? Many Palestinians is who. The reason Israel exists, is bc like its sister vassal, KSA, is a military proxy for the Anglo-US empire.

    • Aren’t israeli’s educating their kids for hatred ….if you think that holy land belongs to you people then let other people live there with peace and freedom to practice their religion …. why to force and kick everyone out …does your religion teaches you to love the land more than the people of God ….

    • You are the ones who stabbed in the back of muslims. We were their to feed you, to shelter you and live in peace when you were prosecuted by Christians through out history. One thing is clear you people are traitors and opportunist. Not a good blood.

    • “I” but yet “you people”
      You’re always putting yourself as the victims, just go somewhere else
      Literally and metaphorically thanks

    • It was not your land in the first place and still the arabic people gave you a home.. and israelians murdered a whole population. Are you serious??

  2. Even the above Israeli comment is designed to get u angry – “HOLY LAND FOR THE JEWS” so these murderers are classifying themselves as Holy. they’ve destroyed the concept of Holy & are in denial just like the Zionist West. U HAVE TO WEED IN THE WEST WITH VIGILANCE- I have recently weeded out all my nieces – they are turning out like their contaminated atheist mothers. I have one nephew left & he stood up to my brother & was kicked out of the multi million dollar bus business- HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE LIKE ABEL WAS CHOSEN & CAIN WAS NOT. The Palestine people are chosen over Jews, like SAA is chosen over Turkey & Houthi is chosen over Saudi & sadly Trump had to be chosen over Hillary. IT’S DESTINY.

  3. you obviously don’t feel ashamed enough or you wouldn’t be making excuses for murderers. Free Palestine

  4. If my killing unarmed Palestinians Israelis become civilised then I don’t know which planet they are living on. Every time a Palestinian home is demolished to make home for a settler makes peace in these lands harder & it doesn’t help when atrocities are committed to get more land of the Palestinians. It is time the world & UN took action if they don’t want history to record them complicit as well. There too much evidence of what is going on in Palestine to prove genocide & ethnic cleansing. Even water is very limited for the Palestinians as Israelis controls it & everything else is controlled as well . This is the deal bibi & trump are offering.

  5. Israel has been killing, torturing and displacing Palestinians for over 72 years . How long is the world going to stay silent over this barbaric crimes? What did the psychopaths that moved there expect when they went to build their illegal homes on top of Palestinians graves? Cowards funded by US taxpayers the clock is ticking as the world is waking up. The mighty bulldozer that also killed American activist Rachel Corry. Shame on the inhumane creatures scum of the earth .Masters of deceit for centuries.

  6. Give me a fucking break with the holy land bullshit. ITS THE YEAR 2020 NOT YEAR CE. ENOUGH WITH YOUR BRONZE AGE FANTASY PEOPLE ARE DYING. SHAME ON YOU.

    If those two men wanted to detonate an explosive device that would have happened ESPECIALLY AFTER THE YOUNG MAN WAS KILLED.

  7. Oh please. You’re nothing more than a European colonist. Prior to 1948 there was no Israel. You came and displaced everyone in the region, and now you’re nothing more than modern day Natzis. You are doing to the Palestinians what the Europeans did to the native Americans. Stop lying. Canaanites existed long before anyone else in the region on this land and the Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebenese are the direct descendants of the Canaanites. Israelis are just another occupier in the long list of occupiers on this land.

  8. I’m an american citizen & I regret every dollar paid to the criminal Zionist state of Israel

  9. in WW2 jews were smuggling food and arms to poles in the Waraw ghetto to resist the Nazi oppression. You have been the Nazi’s to palestine for a long time now. How quickly you forget.

  10. Resisting colonisation is not barbaric it is self defense. Jewish is a religion, not a nationality. How can generations of Jewish people born in Europe and other countries say that Palestine is their land it is like if Italians comes to Palestine and say it was a piece of the Roman empire so it is ours. And you are already contradicting yourself in your own comment. Feeling ashamed proves that inside you, you know you are in the wrong, isreale is ready to pay you to get you to live there. Does it seem normal to you? How can you believe you will be happy and in peace While you are building something on someone elses blood and tears.

  11. It saddens me to see some Jewish people resorting to inhumane treatment of others.
    Have they learned nothing from the oppression they suffered as a race in the time of the Holacaust!
    It is time for this cruelty to stop and they must realise the error of this barbaric treatment of other human beings.

  12. He was trying to blow a hole in the border fence so he could murder some Jews and got killed……..well BOO HOO.

    • Thomas, if you believe that, stay away from anyone selling a bridge. First of all, gaza is illegal and people have a right to be free and fight for this nation by any means necessary. All of that aside, the IDF uses children for target practice, even though theyre 50 yards from the fence. Thousands have been shot and maimed, and hundreds killed, (children, people in wheelchairs, medical personal nowhere even near the fence. What would you do if someone tried to rob your lands and home at gunpoint? I imagine you would defend yourself. Dont defend savagery. There is no ambiguity here about who is wrong and who is right.

  13. I think it brings clarity to the subject to point out that Israel isn’t primarily a Jewish issue, it’s an ethnic nationalist issue, and these particular ethnic nationalists happen to be Jewish.

  14. Can anyone share, with the rest of the lambs, what those nice gentlemen were doing there? Why the IDF shot one of them and brought in a bulldozer and a tank?? Stop the BS. You arabs all know what’s happening here. Sounds to me like they deserved it.

  15. i wish one day we will do the same to israelies and the world will be silent like it is today.

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