Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinian Farmers, Kick Them out of Their Lands

Israeli soldiers block Palestinian farmers from harvesting their fields. (Photo: via AJE)

Israeli soldiers today attacked Palestinian farmers working on their land in Beit Ummar town, in the south of the West Bank, and forced them to leave their land, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Muhammad Awad, an activist in Beit Ummar, told WAFA that Israeli soldiers fired teargas canisters at farmers harvesting the olive crops in their lands, located next to the illegal Beit Ain settlement, between Hebron (Al-Khalil) and Bethlehem. Israeli soldiers forced them to leave the area after suffocating from inhaling the gas.

One of the landowners, Mohammad Salibi, had an Israeli court order allowing him to fence his land to protect it from attacks by settlers, and yet every time he goes to work on his land he is attacked by either soldiers or settlers or both at the same time in an effort to get him to stay away from that land.

Under international law, Jewish settlements constructed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories constitute a violation of international law and are considered illegal.

(Palestine Chronicle, WAFA, Social Media)

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  1. The way to deal with neo-Nazi Israel and the BDS is to treat Israel with disdain and shun all those that support its crimes. Eventually this will force Israel to start obeying the law and return to its legally defined 1948 borders and stop killing Palestinians men women and children and thereby start acting less like a rogue criminal terrorist state that routinely commits war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid in order to steal land and resources belonging to other countries.

  2. Unbelievable! What savages! And the USA people are at each others throats over who to vote for, when BOTH candidates are in Israel’s gold-lined pocket! Talk about having your cake and eating it to and then taking ownership of the restaurant that made the cake!

  3. When will the impunity for these outrageous crimes end?
    There’s no justice available in Israel and the occupied territories for the indigenous Palestinians!

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