Israeli Soldiers Will Not Be Prosecuted after Death of Elderly American Palestinian

Omar As'ad, 80, died after Israeli soldiers assaulted him. (Photo: via Social Media)

An Israeli investigation into the shocking death of 80-year-old Palestinian American Omar Asad suggests that no Israeli soldier will be prosecuted, despite confirmation by investigators and eyewitnesses that he was blindfolded, gagged, handcuffed, and left on the ground before passing out, Israeli media reported.

Details of the investigation were revealed in a leaked report on Sunday by the Israeli news site Ynet. According to the findings, Israeli soldiers blindfolded and gagged Asad as reported by eyewitnesses at the time. Moreover, they never sought medical aid for him even though a military medic was at hand.

Israeli soldiers claim that Asad was detained during a “routine check” and that, during his arrest, he did not show any distress or cry for help.

Their account is disputed by two eyewitnesses who told the Washington Post that Asad was unconscious and not breathing when the soldiers left them in the courtyard of an under-construction house.

One of the other detainees, Mraweh Abdulrahman, said he saw one Israeli soldier squat on Asad and check his condition before consulting with other troops.

Soon after, an Israeli soldier cut loose one of the plastic ties on Asad’s wrists before all the troops departed.

Asad lived in the US for about 40 years. He spent most of that time in the Milwaukee area before returning to the West Bank in 2009.

His family believes that the Israeli occupation soldiers are responsible for his death and have called on the US to conduct an independent investigation, saying that the Israeli probe into the death is not reliable.

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