Israel’s Supreme Court To Discuss Law Preventing Netanyahu from Being Removed from Office

File photo of Israeli President Isaac Herzog, at the Israeli judges swearing-in ceremony. (Photo credit: Amos Ben Gershom GPO, via Wikimedia Commons)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

An expanded panel of 11 Supreme Court justices is set to discuss an amendment to Israel’s Basic Law, which was passed by the Israeli government last March and makes it difficult to remove the prime minister from office, Israeli media reported.

The amendment states that only the prime minister himself or the Israeli cabinet, with a two-thirds majority, can declare the government’s leader unfit. 

According to CNN, “the petitioners in Thursday’s hearing argue the amendment was passed solely for Netanyahu’s benefit – he faces an ongoing corruption trial – making it a ‘misuse of constituent authority’.”

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Michael Rabello, “who represents (Israeli) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Thursday’s court hearing, claimed that the court has no authority to axe a Basic Law.”

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is on the same page. He took to X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday, saying that the Supreme Court hearing is “illegitimate”. 

For his part, Israeli Justice Minister Yariv Levin reportedly said on Thursday morning that the Supreme Court hearing is “effectively a hearing on nullifying election results.”

Haaretz quoted Levin as saying that “postponing the application of the incapacitation law means that an official, as high ranking as he may be, will have authority he was never given and will participate in the absurd debate on declaring the prime minister unfit for office in stark contrast to election results.”

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In response to Levin’s remarks, the Kaplan Force, which is currently the main group sponsoring anti-Netanyahu protests in Tel Aviv, said that the justice minister “continues to act like a lawyer for the Sicilian mafia, and sends threats to the court as the hearing begins”.

“Such mafioso conduct is only found in dictatorships. The man leading a dangerous legal coup that is crushing the State of Israel already knows that millions will show up to defend the court and the gatekeepers against his actions,” the group added.

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