Just another War (Poem)

Israeli soldiers in occupied West Bank. (Photo: via WAFA)

By Hassen Lorgat

Evasion /invasion /evasion /invasion / invasion evasion

killing fields /killing fields / fields that kill humans? / humans kill all

victims and survivors of war/ all victims and survivors of war MUST matter

rape is war/ war is rape/ rape in war/ raped by war/ men make war

jaw jaw / war war/ jaw jaw/ war war

peace treaty/ a piece of treaty / peace treaty/ a piece of territory

illegals/refugees/illegals/ refugees/ humans in white and black/ in black and white


right is might / might is right / might is right /right? Left? All right

insurgent media / resisting media/ freedom fighters: no to terrorism media!

Wrong and right/ right and wrong/ write things that are wrong, Right?

Mass media/ mess media / messed up media/ mass media/ mess media

Social media/ social media/ so-called media, socialised or corporatised?


Drones/ cushy toys / remote controlled killers/ thousands dead/ drones of death

phones/ spy in your phones/ NSO, Pegassus, repression of expression/ killer phones

state and corporate surveillance/ power over people/ peoples power cannot be tamed


The military industrial complex/ the complex military killing machines/ the military

the arms industry/ the long arm of global law/ the arms industry / deadly jobs

Lockhead Martin Corporation / Lockhead Martin Corp/ how do you plead?

Northrop Grummand Corporation/ Northrop Grummand Corp? Guilty or innocent?

The Boeing Corporation/ Boeing – Boeing – you dead? How do you plead?

The military industrial complex / good for American jobs/ good for the GDP

The military industrial complex/ profiteers and merchants of death and destruction


The truth is not fake/ the fake is not truth / the truth is truth and the fake is fake

Human rights are indivisible/ indivisible human rights / whose rights are invisible?

Human rights / human whites/ workers rights are human rights/ are women rights also?

Justice for ALL / Justice for all? Or is it just- ice for All?

– Hassen Lorgat has worked in trade union movement, civic associations, and anti apartheid sports movement led by the South African Council on Sports (SACOS) as well as NGOs for the past while. He is active with the SA BDS Coalition. He is currently the manager of Policy and Advocacy for the Bench Marks Foundation.

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