Large Mossad Network Uncovered, Dismantled in Türkiye

Pro Palestine activists in Türkiye protest against Israeli violence in Palestine. (Photo: BDS Türkiye, via Twitter)

Turkish authorities have uncovered a network of Mossad agents in the country, news channel A Haber has reported.

The suspected Israeli intelligence operatives had allegedly been gathering information on foreign nationals residing in Türkiye.

The media outlet claimed on Monday that Türkiye’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) had for months been monitoring the clandestine activities of the Israeli intelligence services.

Seven people have reportedly been detained as a result, with all of them admitting to working for Mossad, Israel’s infamous intelligence agency.

A total of 56 individuals comprising nine cells are believed to be involved, A Haber reported. According to the channel, their supposed tasks included tracking certain foreign citizens living in Türkiye, using GPS devices, wi-fi and password-capturing tools.

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On top of that, the Mossad network, whose operational base is thought to be in Tel Aviv, were setting up fake websites in various languages, including Arabic, to lure their victims and make them reveal their personal details, location and IP addresses, the article claimed.

Another tool commonly used by the suspected Mossad agents were fake news websites, with stories selected specifically to grab the target’s attention, A Haber reported. On clicking an infected link, the unsuspecting target would allegedly give access to their cell phone to a Mossad spyware program.

The Turkish outlet has also reported the supposed spies and their Israeli handlers had utilized for communication purposes hundreds of disposable internet data lines belonging to fictitious individuals from Spain, England, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia and Belgium.

On top of their alleged operations inside Türkiye, the Mossad operatives, most of whom are presumably Turkish residents of Arab origin, had also been sent on intelligence-gathering missions to the neighboring Syria and Lebanon, the report suggested.

It cited one such case, in which a Mossad operative had allegedly obtained the coordinates of a building in Lebanon that was housing high-profile figures from the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance group.

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The news channel claimed that the Israeli intelligence service had been training its would-be agents in Thailand. To cover their tracks, the supposed Mossad operatives would take a devious route, flying first to Serbia, then to Dubai and finally arriving in the South-Asian country, A Haber reported.

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