Major Assault on Jenin, Many Killed, Wounded

The Israeli military attacked the northern West Bank refugee camp of Jenin. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

In a major escalation, the Israeli military attacked the northern West Bank refugee camp of Jenin, while Israeli snipers opened fire at Palestinian protesters in Gaza. This is the latest. 

Three Palestinians were killed and over 30 others were injured following an Israeli military attack on the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank on Tuesday evening.

Some of those injured are reportedly in critical condition. 

Meanwhile, a fourth Palestinian was killed by Israeli forces near the separation fence in the Gaza Strip.

Deadly Raid on Jenin

The bloody attack on Jenin began when a large number of Israeli occupation forces surrounded a house while firing rockets toward it.

As the house was set ablaze, fierce clashes ensued throughout the camp, as fighters from all Resistance groups tried to ease the siege imposed on Palestinian families entrapped in the targeted neighborhood. 

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth described the storming of Jenin as a “large-scale Israeli army raid”.

An Israeli military aircraft circled over Jenin and the electricity was shut down throughout the camp. 

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that an unmanned Israeli drone blew up towards a specific target in the camp. It remains unclear what target Israel was trying to eliminate. 

Local Palestinian sources said that the Resistance fighters had discovered the special Israeli force as it tried to infiltrate the camp, immediately engaging with it, compelling Israel to send reinforcements. 

Aljazeera Net, citing Palestinian sources, said that the targeted house inside the camp is that of Ahmad Jaddoun, a wounded Palestinian prisoner who is currently being held inside Palestinian Authority prisons. 

In a statement, the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, said that its fighters are currently engaging with an Israeli military unit inside the camp. 

“Our fighters (…)successfully detonated multiple vehicles belonging to the occupying army using side explosives. The explosions caused direct casualties and significant damage. Our fighters continue to engage with the occupation army on multiple fronts to prevent their advance inside the camp,” the statement read.

Palestinian sources also said that the power outage inside the camp resulted from Israeli military firing at the electric grids in Jenin. 

The latest raid on Jenin followed a major Israeli invasion of the camp on July 3, which resulted in the killing of 12 Palestinians and the wounding of over 120 more. 

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Gaza Targeted

In besieged Gaza, a 25-year-old Palestinian, Youssef Salem Radwan, was killed and another 11 Palestinians were wounded when the Israeli military attacked Palestinian protesters near the fence separating Gaza from Israel. 

The most violent of the Israeli responses to Palestinian protests took place at the fence east of the city of Khan Yunis, which is located in the southern Gaza Strip.

Palestine Chronicle correspondent in Gaza said that Palestinian protesters have gathered near the fence for the last three days, protesting against the repeated raids on Al-Aqsa mosque by illegal Israeli Jewish settlers. 

Last Thursday, five Palestinians were killed and others were wounded. Some of them were killed as a result of an explosive device that detonated near the fence. Others were shot and wounded by Israeli gunfire. 

Gaza has been under hermetic Israeli siege since 2007, and the vast majority of the population is unable to leave or return to Gaza. 

Several major Israeli wars were launched against the besieged Strip during this period, resulting in the death and wounding of thousands of Palestinians, mostly civilians. 

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  1. I, as a refugee from Nazi Germany, see so clearly the Israeli destruction of Palestinians as the Nazi destruction of Jews and other”undesirables.” I as a Jew can not tolerate the brutality of the Jews who have been attempting and succeeding well in destroying the life of of Palestinians (and others) in order to become a Jewish only country. The cruelty, the demonization, the heartless lack of empathy, of love of all things human, has created yet another country, that is to me utterly paralyzing, insane 1and frightening. When will the countries and supporters of this monstrosity wake up to see the truth?

  2. thank you for your words, Lillian. As German, born 1954, from a young age I have felt committed to social justice due to my nation’s history of violence – including the fate of Jews. From the 1970s, I have had to include Palestine and Palestinians in my prayers and actions.

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