‘Ode to Jenin’ and Other Poems

The destruction left behind by the Israeli occupation forces in Jenin. (Photo: Tarek Shalash via UNRWA, Supplied)

By Hassen Lorgat

Ode to Jenin

Jenin is crying,

the youth are defying

people are dying

Zionism is killing

fascism is rising

Europe is denying

Jenin is resisting



Oh Jenin…

My Jenin

Jenin is SUMUDصمود)

Jenin -from the spring of gardens

revolutionaries flower


our beloved Jenin

Salute to the Jenin Fighters

They believed us “too small”


“Dispossessed Palestinians”

“refugees in Jenin”


Against their sophisticated weapons and the US blind eye

Meanwhile, in their hide-outs, Jenin fighters warn: Whenever you try to sleep

We will be the mosquito in your room

The Stolen Home

The family Ghaith-Sub Laban

from Old Jerusalem


The News just in


from their neat and tidy HOME

75 years later


It was an order of COURT the very one Israelis are fighting to preserve

the Ghaith-Sub Laban’s must Go

leave their neat and loving home

after 75 years

Finally their home is CLEANSED, ETHNICALLY

– Hassen Lorgat has worked in trade union movement, civic associations, and anti apartheid sports movement led by the South African Council on Sports (SACOS) as well as NGOs for the past while. He is active with the SA BDS Coalition. He is currently the manager of Policy and Advocacy for the Bench Marks Foundation.

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