On Military Airdrops and Sinwar’s Shoes – What is Happening in Khan Yunis

Hamas responded to Israel's claims regarding Sinwar's home being surrounded in Gaza. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Israeli army needs any kind of ‘victory’ in a war that proved to be the most difficult since the establishment of Israel.

There can only be one explanation for today’s airdrop by the Israeli army in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip. 

Israel is simply unable to move freely in an area it has been attacking with literally tens of thousands of soldiers for over five weeks. 

The story started when the Israeli army announced that it had carried out an airdrop of munitions, equipment, fuel, food, and other supplies to the 98th Division in Khan Yunis. This makes it the fifth time that the Israeli army has carried out such an operation, mostly in southern Gaza. 

Airdrops, during times of war, are not an unusual phenomenon, but they should be perceived as extremely unusual in the Israeli war on Gaza.

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Gaza is only 365 sq kilometers, or approx.181 sq miles. The width of the tiny Strip is particularly small, with some areas covering only 6 kilometers. Israel has been fighting in Khan Yunis for weeks. In fact, it has dedicated much of its fighting force in the entire Strip to that small region alone. 

Weeks later, it is forced to resort to airdrops to keep its military fed and to restore its depleting munitions. 

This could mean one out of two things, or perhaps both at once: One, the Israeli army is unable to secure the very short supply routes from the so-called Gaza envelope region to Khan Yunis, routes that cannot exceed more than few kilometers; two, that it has underestimated the power of the Resistance, and pushed into Khan Yunis too quickly, in a desperate search of a victory in Gaza.

Indeed, the Israeli operation in the Strip is getting complicated at all fronts. Northern Gaza, which was supposedly pacified if not subdued in the early weeks of the fighting, is now a stage for some of the fiercest fighting anywhere in the region since October 7. 

Despite early successes in penetrating parts of central Gaza, invading Israeli forces were forced to retreat on several axes. 

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But the current fight in Khan Yunis is certainly the most difficult for the Israeli army. 

After claiming that the power of Hamas lies in northern Gaza, then alleging that Hamas’ headquarters is located underneath the Al-Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army is now fighting under a different banner, linking the destruction of Khan Yunis to the destruction of Hamas.

Time is already proving this to be another Israeli illusion. The fact that Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ leader in Gaza, is simply from Khan Yunis does not mean that he is waiting for the Israelis to arrive.

The Israeli army, however, needs any kind of ‘victory’ in a war that proved to be the most difficult since the establishment of Israel atop the ruins of historic Palestine.

At one point, the Israeli army said that they had destroyed Sinwar’s house, though the house was destroyed in a previous war. Then they claimed that they found his couch, and later, possibly, his shoes. The latter story was covered in Israeli media for days with a political fanfare, based on what should perhaps become a new Israeli maxim, ‘You locate the shoes, You locate the man’. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu has said that he will continue with the war in Gaza until victory, a victory that is proving to be more elusive by the day.

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