Our Guards in Gaza Protected Us from Bombing with Their Bodies – Freed Israeli Captive

Freed Israeli captive Chen Almog Goldstein with her daughter. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

“They respected women. To them, women are sacred and they are not allowed to touch them. To them, women are queens.”

An Israeli captive who was released from the Gaza Strip praised the good treatment she received from her guards from the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas.

In an interview with the Israeli channel 12, Chen Almog Goldstein said that “The guards who held us (in Gaza) were protecting us with their bodies from the bombing.”

“When we asked them if they were going to kill us, their response was: we will die before you die,” she added.

Goldstein noted that the guards “were very close to us, and we did not stay alone for a moment. Therefore, I was afraid that the (Israeli) army would come at any moment. I was afraid of that.”

In response to a question about how she spent her time during detention, she said, “I was playing with my sons… and my daughter Agam was exercising all the time.”

“I practiced for a fistfight with one of the guards, but before that, he wrapped a towel around his hand,” she recounted.

When the broadcaster asked her why, she responded by saying: “They respected women. To them, women are sacred and they are not allowed to touch them. To them, women are queens.”

The prisoner also spoke about her two young sons, saying, “They were playing and drawing, and our guards even taught them some card games.”

Around 80 Israeli captives, some of whom held dual citizenship, were released during a one-week truce from November 24 to December 1 in a series of prisoner exchange deals between the Palestinian Resistance and the Israeli government, which also saw the release of over 200 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons.


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  1. Almog-Goldstein said she is worried about the women left behind, some of whom she said were seriously injured. “They said they could deal with the physical injuries but they didn’t know how they could deal with the way they were hurt sexually.”

    Just a one of many TRUE statements made by this released hostage. She and her daughter described women being abused physically and sexually, and living in terror. This article is completely false, and nothing but propaganda.

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