PA Forces Attack Jenin Mourners, Wound Several – Israel Assassinates Three

Israeli forces killed three Palestinians in Jenin. (Photo: via social media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Residents who were on their way to bury the latest victims of an Israeli missile were reportedly attacked by the Palestinian Authority security police.

Palestinian Authority forces attacked a funeral procession in the town of Jenin, in the northern West Bank, wounding five, including one who was shot in the head. 

The clashes began when Palestinians attempted to bury three people who were targeted in an Israeli strike earlier in the day. 

The three were in their car when it was hit by an Israeli missile. 

Residents who were on their way to bury the latest victims were reportedly attacked by PA security police. 

The protesters were chanting against the Palestinian Authority accusing it of collaborating with Israel, while demanding the freeing of Palestinian political prisoners from PA prisons. 

In recent months, but especially since Israel launched its war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, the PA has accelerated its arrest campaigns of Palestinians accused by Israel of belonging to the Resistance. 

Clashes in Jenin continued into the evening hours. 

Al-Jazeera correspondents in Jenin said that there are direct clashes between Palestinian fighters and PA police, stationed in the PA’s building near the Jenin refugee camp. 

The correspondent, Laith Ajjar, said that the PA is opening fire directly towards the camp. 

Israel has raided the Jenin town and its refugee camp almost daily in recent months, often resulting in the killing and wounding of Palestinians. 

Palestinians believe that the PA is directly involved in suppressing the Resistance in the camp, which has escalated particularly since Israel launched a war on Gaza nearly six months ago. 

Israel too has escalated the nature of its attacks on the camp, now resorting to direct air strikes and suicide drones, targetting Palestinian homes and cars in the camp. 

This is a developing story. 

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  1. This PA is now the Judas in the Palestinian Resistance. Better for them and its leadership to just stay in their Ramallah post rather than kill fellow Palestinians and sabotage the Resistance, or better change their citizenship and residences to Israel. For a few pieces of silver they’re betraying the cause of their country and people.

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