WATCH: Palestine Chronicle Hosts: Ilan Pappe and Awad Abdelfattah on ‘One Democratic State’

lan Pappe and Awad Abdelfattah on ‘One Democratic State’. (Infographic: The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Renowned historian, Professor Ilan Pappe and respected political analyst and leader Awad Abdelfattah speak to Palestine Chronicle TV about the One Democratic State Campaign and their shared vision for a just peace and coexistence in Israel and Palestine. 

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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  1. I like Ilan Pappé’s explanation of the global issues that need to be highlighted and dealt with in order to assist Palestine: neoliberalism, imperialism, and colonial-settler states – all of which are inter-related. All three concepts utilize methods that are very good at “divide and conquer” in order to subjugate an occupied territory.

  2. I think it’s always important to point out, when citing the Ramallah organisation doing polls on what ‘Palestinians’ prefer, that at the very most 35-40% of all Palestinians get asked and polled: those in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Those in the 1948-occupied area and the diaspora are not polled. My suspicion is, moreover, that support for two states among diaspora Palestinians – except maybe many in Jordan – is very very low. Of course, nobody knows because a poll, much less a referrendum, is never held. Thanks for this episode of your TV!

  3. Me again. I love Ilan’s framing of ODS in positive terms – rights-fulfilment, independence – rather than only the negative ones of anti-apartheid, anti-Zionism, anti-colonialism. This is an important shift in the narrative of an ethically just Palestinian solution – a positive vision rather than just a reaction to what the British and international Zionists did.

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