Palestinians Live In Fear – A Poem

Part of the destruction left behind by the Israeli invasion of Jenin. (Photo: via Times of Gaza)

By David P. Carroll

My life is cold and dark
And sadness every day
No food or fresh water
Today and I’m a starving
Palestinian with no hopes or dreams every day and my happiness has faded away with no sunshine only darkness every day,

And no one seems to notice us Palestinians
No one seems to care
They’ve heard our story
Before and they just don’t bloody care but Poet David P Carroll
Feels you’re pain every day and my heart cry’s for you all every day and
I’ll fight for every Palestinian who’s suffering today
And our dreams and hopes will always fade away and
I’m afraid for the little to go outside
Bombs dropping on them playing on the beaches and there’s
No hope for us Palestinians any day
When will this pain ever just go away
And when I try and catch my breath an other bomb is dropped on me and
In a silent world of forgotten dreams and every Palestinian will fade away and you’ll all be forever in my heart every day.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

– David P. Carroll is an Irish poet. He contributed this poem to The Palestine Chronicle.

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