Patriot- A Poem

By Deepak Sarkar

‘In war time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.’ — The Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, Nobel Laureate (Former British Admiral and Prime Minister who passionately participated in both World Wars)

‘No soldier must go beyond border unless in peace mission or rescuing world citizens from calamities!’ — Kolki
Though we come in the world as citizens –
Boundary beyond our control makes us limited!
Assigning a country with a border well guarded –
Making us patriot to protect land inherited!
Soon we learn about Fatherland or Motherland!
Heroes who fought in many heroic stands
Died like patriots guarding skies and barriers –
Often for freedom, sometimes for invasions as intruders!
We become adult inspired by ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’

From sports to jobs to economy to military race!
Competition grows to beat neighbouring state –
Who can build the military to fight for Supremacy the best!
Defence industries survive on profits a war generates
Hurriedly spreads media rumours-gossips to build a case! 
Politicians helplessly rally around momentum for election ease
End up authorizing, supporting, ‘Unjust Illegal War’ aggressive! 
A true patriot can never send another beyond border 
While hiding in the White House or Parliament or Palace shelter
Knowing well war means killings among brothers and sisters
Join soldiers proudly to defend country from attackers!

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