Prominent Palestinian Singer Rim Banna Dies at 51 (VIDEO)

Rim Banna with the Palestinian Flag. (Photo: via Facebook)

Rim Banna, a leading Palestinian singer, songwriter, and composer, has died after battling breast cancer for almost nine years.

The 51-year-old died in her hometown of Nazareth.

Family members confirmed via statements on social media that the singer had passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning.

هو الحي الباقيأبناء الراحلة بيلسان ، قمران ، أورسالم ، ووالدتها زهيرة صباغ ،أخوها فراس وآل بنا و صباغ ،وأصدقاؤها…

Posted by Firas Banna on Freitag, 23. März 2018

The artist, who was diagnosed in 2009, lost the ability to sing two years ago and said she was stepping down but would continue to compose and create music.

Banna has performed the world over with patriotic music that called for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

She would often appear wearing traditionally-embroidered gowns and a keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian independence, over her shoulders.

This is a tribute to her written by our editor Ramzy Baroud:

“Rim Banna, a Palestinian woman, mother, fighter, artist and friend who optimizes everything beautiful about our homeland passed away at the age of 51. I first met her in 1992. She was kind enough to let me recite my poetry during her performance at the University. I remember her standing behind the curtain in her embroidered Palestinian thoub waiting for me to finish. Then, she sang for the people, the land, the peasants, the workers, the children and everything Palestinian. Her voice was what an angel would sounds like. It was warm, powerful, assertive and penetrating. I will miss Rim. Millions will. But we will always remember her and everything she stood for because, her voice, the voice of Palestine will never die.”

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  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and I agrees with what you said about Palestinian Singer, Rim Banna.The well known Singers here in Canada and the USA are right-wing and reactionary.The lead singer from Pink Floyd,Roger Waters is an exception.He is a strong supporter of Palestine.There needs to be more singers like him here.Keep up the good work.

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