Reclaiming Our Narrative: Why You MUST Obtain This Book (VIDEO)

Ahmad Al-Haaj and his wife on their wedding day in Gaza on April 11 1958 (Photo: Supplied)

Dear Friends & Readers,

The success of my recently-published book: THE LAST EARTH: A PALESTINIAN STORY is heart-warming in many ways.  Aside from the feeling of relief that years of research, writing and rewriting are being rewarded, there is something else entirely.

As the book was well received in many parts of the world, and as various translations were being prepared, I felt reassured that despite all the appropriation, misrepresentation and misinterpretation of Palestinian history, readers around the world still understand the struggle in Palestine as that of a nation fighting for its very survival, identity, political aspirations, and basic human rights. That Palestine is ultimately the collective stories of Sarah, Ahmad, Tamam, Khaled, Hana’ and millions more.  

I wanted to do even more than simply telling stories while relaying the everyday struggle of seemingly ordinary people. I also hoped to demonstrate that the Palestinian people are agents of change, not as hapless multitudes without a choice or options.

Many wonderful reviews have already been written about the LAST EARTH. But this conclusion in the latest review of the book in Jadaliyya was both succinct and true:

The stories collected in The Last Earth serve as evidence of this history of loss and resistance, a history that continues to unfold today. But they also stand as a testament to the power of history itself, of the need to recount the past, as part of that struggle. They remind us that yes, this Nakba must end; but so too must it be remembered.”

(Read full review here)

I am happy and grateful that I was able to contribute, however slightly to the recounting of the past as it unfolds today. With the help of many wonderful scholars and friends, we managed to resurrect many of the voices and stories that were ignored for far too long.

I am also grateful to you for supporting our effort as we insist on challenging the elitist narration of Palestinian history, and reclaim it on behalf of the Palestinian people.

If you haven’t obtained the book, please do now, whether through the publisher, Pluto Press in London, the University of Chicago Press, your local bookstore or Amazon.

By reading and gifting the book, you are empowering us as we retell the story of Palestine, the way it should always be told.

Thank you for your continued support and solidarity.

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Dr. Ramzy Baroud

Editor: The Palestine Chronicle

Author: The Last Earth

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