‘See You Next Week’ – Statement by Israeli Captive, Kastir, Who May Be Released by PIJ

The Israeli woman, named Hanna Kastir, who may be released due to humanitarian reasons. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

PIJ said that they are ready to release two Israeli prisoners for humanitarian reasons. 

Shortly after a video statement by Abu Hamza, the military spokesman of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) released a video statement of two hostages.

The two Israelis are an elderly woman and a 13-year-old child. 

PIJ said that they are ready to release the two for humanitarian reasons. 

The Palestine Chronicle will refrain from carrying the testimony of the child for ethical reasons. 

The statement of the woman, named Hanna Kastir, is translated and published in full below.

‘I Hope to See You Next Week’ 

“I am Hanna Kastir from kibbutz Nir Oz. I am in a place that is not mine (not my home – PC).  I miss my home. 

“To my children, to my husband Rami, to all my dear and beloved family, I send you my warm feelings. I love you. 

“I hope to be able to see you next week. Everybody is fine and happy. I want everybody to be in good health and safe. 

“I believe that the person responsible for all of this chaos and every bad thing that happened to us is Bibi Netanyahu. 

“Bibi Netanyahu destroyed everything beautiful. He targeted people and tortured them. He is the reason why children are being killed.

“He has committed grave mistakes. He has caused harm to our society, and to another society. 

“I believe that Netanyahu is responsible for the whole problem, of what is happening here and the stability elsewhere. 

“It is time for Netanyahu to leave the government and stay at home.

“The (Islamic) Jihad fighters have done anything in their power to keep us alive and fine. Everything was good. They treated us with much respect in terms of the health situation and in regards to food, and in terms of giving us a good place to sleep. 

“Everything went through a normal course.

“In conclusion, they treated us well. 

“I call on the Israeli government to reach a clear agreement so that we may go back to our family in peace and in good health.” 

(The Palestine Chronicle) 

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