The Noble Flag of Palestine – A Poem

A Palestinian family as they assess the damage and stand atop the rubble of their destroyed home in the town of Deir Al-Balah. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Stephen Brackens Brinkley

The black, the white, the green, the red,
The flag that stands for all we’ve shed,
For all our pain, our hope, our pride,
For all our heroes and defenders who have died.

The black, the night,
oppression beyond belief,
the darkness,
the triple scourge
Of oppression, war, and grief,
Resisting with Allah’s help,
we stand our ground,
and hope and pray for some relief.

Zionist Israel has turned our homeland into a living hell,
thrown our greatest leaders into a cell,
claiming its horrendous acts are by divine right,

every semblance of morality, humanity has long since left their sight.

The white, the peace, the purity
Of our people – heart and soul,
With faith and perseverance, we advance towards freedom’s goal.
Our love for one another is ever-strong,
for this is OUR homeland, and we know here is where we truly belong.

The green, the land, the hope, the future,
Of a free and independent state,
Where all our people can live in peace,
And never fear the oppressor’s hate.

The red, the blood, the sacrifice,
Of those who fought for our emancipation,
Who gave their lives so we could live,
In a homeland of our own, not victims and slaves of an ungodly nation.

This flag is more than just a symbol,
It is a testimony to our sumud, present and past,
in the words of saintly Gandhi,
oppressive dictators will never last.

The deep-rooted love for our homeland

is like a golden sunshine ray,
It offers promise for our future,
and hope for a better day.

We raise high the flag of Palestine,
We will never give up our fight,
For our land, our freedom, our future,
We will never surrender,
to self-determine is our right.

Against the forces of darkness and tyranny,
we are lions and champions of the light.
Ambassadors of freedom, our cause is just and right,
Truth and justice have much power,
soon the world will awaken to their might.
and of the flag and liberation of our homeland
We, Palestinians will never lose sight.

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  1. Our dear brother, Rev. Stephen Brackens Brinkley, will always be missed for what he stood for & for his contribution to the Palestinian cause. He shall remain my hero forever!

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