Two Minor Earthquakes Strike Occupied West Bank

Two minor earthquakes struck the Occupied West Bank on Wednesday. (Photo: via Al-Jarmaq News)

Two minor earthquakes struck the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, without casualties or major damage.

According to the Palestinian Seismology observatory, the main earthquake was south of Nablus, with a magnitude of 4.4 around midnight.

Palestinians across the center and north West Bank reported feeling a second earthquake about an hour later.

55 Palestinian Refugees Killed in Deadly Turkiye–Syria Earthquake

The earthquake was felt in Jerusalem and Ramallah, some 36 kilometers to the south of the earthquake epicenter.

The earthquake was “not an echo of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey”, according to the director of the Palestinian Seismology Observatory at the Al-Najah University in Nablus Dr. Radwan El-Kelani.

“Echo earthquakes happen around the same epicenter of the original one, but the one that hit Palestine Tuesday night had a completely different epicenter,” Dr. El-Kelani told The New Arab.

Palestinian Volunteers Join the Quake’s Rescue Efforts in Turkiye

The last major earthquake with its epicenter at the Dead Sea hit Palestine in 1927, causing hundreds of recorded deaths and large damage to structures, including houses, historical churches, and the ceiling of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

In Turkiye, Palestinian journalists and activists organized a rescue-volunteering campaign titled, “Palestine Stands With You”.

(The New Arab, PC)

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