US Support Fuels Gaza War – Resigned Defense Intelligence Officer

Major Harrison Mann resigned over US support of Israel. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Mann said that he feels guilty and ashamed of his involvement in American policies contributing to Palestinian suffering, describing the situation in Gaza as an ethnic cleansing facilitated by American weaponry.

Former US Defense Intelligence Agency officer Harrison Mann stated that Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip would not have persisted without substantial American support. 

In an interview with Al-Jazeera on Tuesday, Mann, who resigned as Assistant Director of the Middle East and North Africa Office at the Defense Intelligence Agency last May, asserted that US soldiers are actively operating with Israel.

Mann revealed that his resignation was motivated by his belief that Israel’s campaign in Gaza aims at complete destruction, sabotage, and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. 

He mentioned that many of his colleagues in the intelligence community shared his concerns, but President Joe Biden’s administration remains steadfast in its unconditional support for Israel.

Mann expressed that his daily duties felt like contributing to Palestinian casualties, which ultimately led to his resignation. 

As the Assistant Director of the Middle East Regional Center, he had insight into American military and intelligence support for Israel, recognizing that this support would not waver.

Working in an office that supported Israeli intelligence, Mann feared backlash upon resigning but instead found sympathy and understanding among his peers. 

He noted that many in the intelligence and military sectors now seek his advice, sharing his sentiments about the war, which he believes is sustained by Washington’s assistance.

Mann emphasized that without American support, Israel would deplete its ammunition and missiles. He pointed out that American military and intelligence backing, including the deployment of US forces in the region, has prolonged the conflict.

Although his resignation did not impact national leadership, Mann confirmed that it sparked internal discussions within defense intelligence. He observed a slight shift in the professional culture of his former office, viewing it as progress, albeit insufficient to halt the war.

Critiquing American policy, Mann attributed the denial of Gaza’s situation to a lack of willingness to pressure Israel and a lack of creativity in US foreign policy. 

He argued that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the potential for a larger conflict with the Lebanese movement Hezbollah stem from the misconception that the Palestinian issue can be overlooked.

Mann contended that this flawed thinking underpins regional normalization plans and a belief in achieving a truce between Hezbollah and Israel without ending the Gaza war. He stressed that all necessary intelligence to stop the war exists, but the American strategy is misguided.

Commenting on Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s recent visit to Washington, Mann stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ultimately holds decision-making power in Israel. He viewed the warm reception of Gallant as superficial and not reflective of any shift in Washington’s stance on the war.

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Mann concluded by noting that Netanyahu’s upcoming speech before the US Congress underscores the unwavering American support for Israel. 

He reiterated his moral opposition to the US role in the Gaza war, which he publicly announced on LinkedIn last May. 

Mann added that he feels guilty and ashamed of his involvement in American policies contributing to Palestinian suffering, describing the situation in Gaza as an ethnic cleansing facilitated by American weaponry.


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