Video: Ramzy Baroud Discusses the Failed ‘Ceasefire’ in Gaza

Ramzy Baroud discusses the validity of the Egypt-proposed ceasefire in Gaza, the long term strategy for all the interested parties, and what the fallout is likely to be in the Israeli political scene.

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  1. Aljazeera interviewed its political analyst, Marwan Bishara who made the following commentary:

    “Look the story goes like this. It is quite fishy.

    Netanyahu calls Sisi, after the call Egypt issues and initiative of sort for a ceasefire without consulting with Hamas.

    Suddenly the Israeli government, that never ever would make a decision so hastily so fast to approve the ceasefire by a foreign country even if it was the US would suddenly approves immediately, in no time, an Egyptian initiative knowing that Hamas would say no because it was not even consulted to agree.

  2. cont..Soon after Netanyahu goes out to the press and says now that Hamas did not accept we have the right, the international legitimacy to continue our campaign against Gaza and even expand it.

    Right after that Secretary Kerry says this is a despicable silence on the part of Hamas and Israel has a right to defend itself….I am quite against any conspiratorial thinking of any sort when analysing the news but when you have a situation whereby the call for a ceasefire looks like it is meant to intensify the fire because that’s what we heard Netanyahu say, If there is no ceasefire there will be fire. There is a sense that this ceasefire initiative is meant to give cover for more fire.”

  3. The ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas of 2012 cf:
    requires that
    1)Both parties stop fire which Hamas generally held, but Israel failed spectacularly to do
    2) to open the borders and allow free movement of people and goods – which Israel has made no effort to do.

    As Hamas puts forward a new proposal for peace I hope you will join me in supporting it:

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