Video Released of Israeli Soldiers Laughing while Beating Palestinians in Custody (VIDEO)

A video shows Israeli soldiers laughing as they beat a Palestinian father and son while holding them in custody. (Photo: video grab)

A video showing Israeli soldiers laughing as they beat a Palestinian father and son while holding them in custody has been released by an Israeli military court.

The Jaffa Military Court – which last week convicted three soldiers of aggravated assault and aggravated battery – yesterday cleared the video for publication, lifting a gag order imposed by the Israeli Army, the Times of Israel has reported.

Though the faces of both the soldiers and their victims have been pixelated to hide their identity, the soldiers can be seen hitting the two Palestinians on the head in the back of an army truck. The two Palestinians can be seen lying on the vehicle’s floor with their eyes covered, while the soldiers laugh and joke for the camera.

“It’s your party, say hello,” the soldiers tell the father and son while forcing them to say hello to the camera. The Palestinians cry out in pain as they are hit repeatedly.

The video served as the key piece of evidence in the soldiers’ trial, which came to a close on Sunday. Three of the soldiers investigated for the incident were handed 190-day jail terms and demoted to the rank of private after they “expressed remorse” for their actions and reached a plea bargain.

The soldiers are, however, expected to be treated leniently and will be allowed to go home for the Jewish Passover holiday in April as well as have three months’ probation.

The convicted soldiers were arrested in January after it emerged that they had beaten two Palestinians detained near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

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  1. its easy for Mosad or Shin Bet to launch rocket from Gaza or any Palestinian land then claim assault then retaliate on a false flag op as usual! Israel then wonders why they are hated. IDF tried to bury Palestinians but forgot they were seeds!

  2. The soldier is laughing because Isreal has been beating Palestinians for years and they are STILL getting away with it!

  3. All they need is swaztika armbands on the Israeli soldiers and you would think you back in Germany in the 1930’s.

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