The Sceptic Optimist: Interview with Norman Finkelstein

By Jotam Confino There is another side to Norman Finkelstein, apart from the notorious YouTube clips and public feuds with world known scholars, such as Alan Dershowitz and Benny Morris. As I was preparing my interview with Prof. Finkelstein, I carefully went through his books, interviews and lectures online. I quickly found what motivated him […]

Palestinian Priest: Oust PA and Start Civil Disobedience

Senior Christian Priest in Ramallah Monsignor Manuel Musallam severely criticized the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s security cooperation with Israel which has led to the death of tens of Palestinian resistance fighters in West Bank, Al-Resalah newspaper reported. In a recent interview with the paper, Musallam called on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank to oust the […]

Palestinians See More of the Same: Interview with Ramzy Baroud

President Trump has offered mixed signals about precisely what his attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be, but Palestinians see little prospects for meaningful improvement, reports Dennis J Bernstein. By Dennis J Bernstein Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to Washington reaffirmed one thing in terms of U.S./Israeli relations: that not much will change […]

Israel, Turkey, Hamas and Offshore Gas: Interview with the Ambassador of Palestine in Greece, Marwan Emile Toubassi

Interviewed by Charalampos Tsitsopoulos Regional Realignments and Palestine Tectonic changes are currently taking place in the Mediterranean region. How do Palestinians view Greece’s regional role, especially given the traditionally strong ties between Greece and the Arab states? Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the advent of unipolarism, important changes came about in the […]

Interview with Bacevich and Mearsheimer: Welcome to Greater Israel, Apartheid

Derek Davison is a Washington-based researcher and writer on international affairs and American politics. He conducted an interview with two eminent intellectuals: historian Andrew Bacevich of Boston University’s Pardee School of Global Studies and political scientist John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago. The interview’s focus was US policy in the Middle East. Click here […]

UNESCO Resolution on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Death of Shimon Peres – An Interview with Ramzy Baroud

‘While the resolution will unlikely alter the nature of the conflict fundamentally, it rejects – legally and morally – all Israeli efforts aimed at denying the rights of Muslims – and Christians – in their city, which they aspire to make their future capital,’ said Ramzy Baroud, the editor of Palestine Chronicle. In an interview […]

On BDS, Israeli Fascism and Globalization – Interview with Haider Eid

The Palestine Chronicle conducted an interview with Palestinian intellectual, Dr. Haider Eid on his views on the global impact of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Below is the full text of the interview in English. Visit Chronique de Palestine for the French interview. Palestine Chronicle: Can you introduce yourself and the BDS movement […]

Gary Corseri on US Foreign Policy, Empire-Building and Sander’s ‘Strategic Error’ – Interview

Muslim Press has conducted an interview with poet, writer, columnist and Palestine Chronicle contributor, Gary Corseri to discuss the foreign policy of the United States. Here’s the full text of this interview: MP: Thank you for agreeing to give us an interview Mr. Corseri. Gary Corseri: Thank you for asking! MP: Let me begin by […]

Palestinians in Gaza Dismayed by Israel-Turkey Deal

By Yousef M. Aljamal – Gaza On June 26, 2016 Turkey and Israel has announced reaching a reconciliation deal that ended a six-year rift between the two countries, following an Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla, in May 2010, which claimed the lives of ten Turkish activists on board and stirred a wave of anger […]

Palestinian Refugees in Gaza Recall, ‘Torn Bodies’ and Long for Return

By Yousef M. Aljamal The horror of ethnic cleansing campaigns carried out against hundreds of Palestinian villages in 1948 by Zionists militias still haunt survivors 68 years on. Palestinians in Gaza, 80 % of whom are refugees, still recall the mass exodus that Israel celebrates as “Independence Day”. Subsequent Israeli attacks on Gaza have always […]

Church of Nativity’s Deportee Tells the Palestine Chronicle: ‘We Want to See our Families’

By Yousef M. Aljamal – Gaza 14 years ago, a deal was reached between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, which stated that 26 Palestinian fighters, who joined some 200 Palestinians who sought refuge in the Church of Nativity, be deported to the Gaza Strip. 13 others were deported to Europe. Palestinians who sought refuge in […]

Recognition of Palestine Inseparable from Peace Talks with Israel: FM Riyad al-Maliki (VIDEO)

Palestine hopes a French initiative to revive peace talks between it and Israel will be backed by major world powers, including Russia, saying recognition of statehood is not a “political risk” but a “value,” Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki told RT. “We said yes, absolutely [to that idea] raised by the former [French] foreign minister Laurent […]

The Destruction of Khirbet Tana – Interview with Ramzy Baroud, RT

The Israeli pretext for demolishing Khirbet Tana, a village to the east of Nablus, was that it is located near firing zones, says Dr. Ramzy Baroud, editor of Israel demolished at least 41 structures, including an elementary school, in Khirbet Tana village in the West Bank on March 4, displacing 10 families and 36 […]

Journalism in Times of Conflict, Occupation and Political Strife – FOA Interview with Ramzy Baroud

FOA speaks to media consultant, author and editor of Palestine Chronicle, Ramzy Baroud about his tips and tricks of the trade and the importance of journalism and media in times of conflict, occupation and political strife. Social media and digital media has become a driving force for the future and the rise of citizen journalism […]

Ramzy Baroud: Palestine Remains the Core Struggle in the Middle East

Interviewed by Info-Palestine (This interview was originally published in French.) Info-Palestine: Our interview with Ramzy Baroud is concerned with the situation in Palestine, the raging conflicts in the Middle East and the role of the International Solidarity Movement. — Dr. Ramzy Baroud has been writing about the Middle East for over 20 years. He is […]

‘We Can’t Have Another Year Like This’: UNRWA Commissioner-General

Schools open on time. It hardly sounds like news, but for half a million Palestinian refugee children it certainly is. On Wednesday, the UN body that looks after Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, announced it had overcome a $101 million deficit and the school year wouldn’t have to be delayed after all. After a desperate funding drive, […]

Western Legacy in Libya Leaves a Hole Filled by Migrants Fleeing for Europe – Interview with Ramzy Baroud

By Sputnik International The scale of the crisis in the Mediterranean can’t be ignored. Two thousand migrants have died already this year on their journey to Europe. Fifty migrants remain unaccounted for after their rubber dinghy sank, this came just days after 200 migrants were presumed dead after their boat capsized off the coast of […]

CrossTalk: ISIS and Obama’s Failure

The Islamic State continues to thrive and establish itself as a power base in the Middle East. Though it must be pointed out that its strength today is only the result of the west’s habit of playing with jihadi groups who later turn on their masters. Is this intentional chaos or policy recklessness? CrossTalking with […]

Grave Danger of Derailing the Iran Deal – Interview with Chas Freeman

Charles W. “Chas” Freeman Jr. is an author and career diplomat who served as ambassador to Saudi Arabia, assistant Secretary of Defense, and assistant Secretary of State among many other jobs. He was famous for serving as principal interpreter on Nixon’s historic trip to China in 1972 and for being chosen by the Obama administration […]

Mads Gilbert: ‘People Are Questioning Israel’ – Interview

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Norwegian surgeon Dr. Mads Gilbert speaks of his experiences in Gaza and the changing international perception of Israel.

Palestinian Thinker Raja Shehadeh: The Real Eruption is Coming

By Ala Qandil Sitting on a leather armchair that oversizes his fragile build, in his Ramallah law office, located on one of the main streets of this bustling city, Raja Shehadeh speaks softly and calmly about turbulent decades of life under the occupation. “Do you ever wonder why people throw trash in the streets?” he […]

Let Palestine Sing: Interview with Basel Zayed

Interviewed by Louis Brehony Basel Zayed is a Palestinian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in occupied Jerusalem. An accomplished virtuoso oud player and vocalist skilled in highly developed Arab musical traditions, Basel is also a trained pianist with a unique outlook on musical arrangement. Since 2004 he has led the band Turab and has more recently […]

Samih al-Qasim and the Language of Revolution

In one of his last interviews before he died of cancer this week, renowned Arab Druze poet Samih al-Qasim talked about the role poetry has played in the region’s fractious history. By Liam Brown I’ve gone to meet renowned Palestinian Arab Druze poet Samih al-Qasim in his home in the Galilee village of Rama. Perched […]

‘Obama Capitulated Very Early to Pressures from the Israeli lobby’

Interviewed by Frank Barat Frank Barat: Hi Josh, It is great to have you on Le Mur a Des Oreilles, We are obviously going to talk about Israel and Palestine, about your book “Shattered Hopes” but first I would like to start with something very newsworthy: John Kerry who is leading the last attempt to […]

Colombia Professor Victorious in His Quest for Academic Freedom – Video

After Iymen Chehade’s class at Columbia College Chicago was canceled, he realized that his academic freedom had been violated and skillfully protested until his class was reinstated. In this exclusive KAKE interview, Chehade discusses the importance of recognizing and fighting for academic freedom in schools across the globe. (Interviewer: Kellen Winters @_ITSKELS @_KAKEME – Filmed […]

‘For Me, Palestine is Paradise’ – Interview with Leila Khaled

Frank Barat is an activist based in Belgium and is one of the former coordinators of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. He recently conducted an interview with Leila Khaled for “The Wall has Ears: Conversations for Palestine.” Leila Khaled is a former resistance fighter with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Born in […]

Where is Egypt’s Revolutionary Movement? – Interview with Abdullah al-Arian

By Paul Gottinger (Abdullah al-Arian is assistant professor of history at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar. He is a frequent contributor to Al Jazeera English and his forthcoming book is entitled “Answering the Call: Popular Islamic Activism in Egypt”. Our conversation focuses on the political and social situation in Egypt since the […]

In A World of Chaos: Gaza’s Watar Band Seeking Love, Peace and Freedom

By Samah Sabawi Gaza’s new music sensation Watar Band has just released their latest song and it is making a lot of noise!  The song Dawsha which literally translates to noise is a reminder to the world that creative rhythm and harmony still exist in Gaza despite the chaos and the depressive realities that prevail […]

Israel and the Dangers of Ethnic Nationalism: An Interview with Jonathan Cook

(Jonathan Cook has covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the past 12 years. Extracts from this interview with Joseph Cotto were published in several articles by the Washington Times Communities website.) Cotto: What sort of general impact would you say Zionism has had on the Middle East? Cook: Zionism was a reaction to the extreme ethnic […]

Palestine’s South African Moment: Discussion with Haidar Eid

By Ebbe Bertelsen In the winter months of 1987 a popular uprising erupted in Palestine. In what is known as the First Intifada, the Palestinian people rebelled against twenty years of occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and forty years of apartheid, racial discrimination and humiliation in Israel. For six years mass demonstrations, […]

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