‘Injustice’ in Palestine and US ‘Monopoly’ Must End – Putin at BRICS Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin at virtual BRICS Summit. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

“Generations of Palestinians were raised in an atmosphere of injustice towards their people,” Putin said on Tuesday, in televised comments at a virtual BRICS summit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Tuesday for a political solution to the Israeli war on Gaza and said that members of the BRICS group could be involved in efforts to reach such a political solution.

“We call for the joint efforts of the international community aimed at de-escalating the situation, a ceasefire and finding a political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Putin said, in televised comments to a virtual BRICS summit, adding:

“The BRICS states and countries of the region could play a key role in this work.”

According to Putin, the latest escalation, which has already led to the “deaths of thousands of people”, has come as a result of the United States’ desire to single-handedly decide the fate of the political crisis between Israel and Palestine.

Washington has sought to “monopolize the role of the mediator” while blocking the efforts of other international actors, the Russian president stated.

UN decisions envisaging the establishment of “two independent sovereign states – Israel and Palestine,” ended up being sabotaged, Putin added.

This has led to a situation in which “generations of Palestinians were raised in an atmosphere of injustice towards their people,” he said.

Putin said that it is “terrible” that Palestinian children are dying in large numbers. The sight of operations being performed on children without anesthesia “evokes strong emotions,” the Russian president added.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Israel has, thus far, killed over 13,300 Palestinians, including over 5,600 children and over 3,550 women.

The Israeli army continues to pound civilian homes throughout the Gaza Strip with new massacres reported everywhere in the besieged enclave.

Gaza has been under a tight Israeli military siege since 2007, following a democratic election in occupied Palestine, the results of which were rejected by Tel Aviv and Washington.

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