Visualize with Me – A Poem

By Stephen Brackens Brinkley VISUALIZE with me, just for a moment, waking up tomorrow morning to find that the United States has had a spiritual awakening and a conversion to right action and a true […]

Transcription – A Poem

By Ramona Wadi the potent permanence of frenzied excavation in remnants of spaces between sand and stone I pause at intonations framed against books unrivalled eloquence festering behind screens glass stained in blue an essence […]

‘Imagine’ – A Poem

By Stephen Brackens Brinkley Imagine a world where anyone can do anything to anyone else without fear of being punished. Imagine a world where someone is being attacked and there are crowds of people witnessing […]

Why? – A Poem

(To the old woman in Jerusalem, who lost everything.) By George Polley   Why did these men in black steal my house with all my things in it, saying my house is theirs, that it […]

The Familiar Stranger – A Poem

By Aida Qasim It was neither an exceptional nor particularly mundane morning but I was not the same The bashful sun cautiously lifted the white shroud hovering above Ramallah’s towering skyline Memories nurtured and cajoled […]

Stolen Joys – A Poem

By Nour El-Borno – Gaza   Moons shine through her eyes As she walks past her house: Here, she once laughed; There, she once cried.   “I remember,” she whispers.   The dark hours that […]

Dima’s Eyes – A Poem

By Aida Qasim Eyes like an unfinished poem possess my spirit They rise the moon out of its slothiness Shaking away the stillness of my pillow I shudder and solicit a memory: Sweet mint tea […]

In Jerusalem – Poems

By Rachel Astarte In Jerusalem There is a quiet I am looking for from bulldozers from blastings from smoldering anger There is a place I have never seen although I have imagined it during childhood […]

Ode to Lifta – A Poem

By Aida Qasim Even Neruda’s birds that once roamed from sea to sea have flown to other continents The stones I once rested against during the olive harvest seem to sit by indifferently as another kingdom […]