CNIF for UK: Something’s Rotten Here Too

By Stuart Littlewood

When Marcellus, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, famously says, ‘Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark’, he means that the body politic is rotting from the top down and the corruption stinks to high heaven.

410 years later the Bard’s words are especially applicable to the so-called political élite of the Western world. The stench of their corruption is assailing the nostrils of more and more people and causing mass nausea.

Thankfully some small but effective relief is available in the United States courtesy of the Council for the National Interest Foundation (CNIF), an independent non-profit concern that provides information and analysis on the Middle East and its relationship to the United States. The CNIF has been doing an excellent demolition job on US foreign policy and exposing how it is dangerously at odds with American values and national interests.

The CNIF hammers home the necessity for voters and their elected officials to be free from the undue influence and pressure of foreign countries and their lobbyists.

The US’s uniquely massive support for Israel, says CNIF, has cost trillions of dollars and multitudes of lives. It has diminished America’s moral standing in the world, lessened its domestic freedoms, and exposed the American people to unnecessary and growing peril.

And yet America’s taxpayers give Israel over $8 million per day. And since the US is in deficit, this means borrowing the money, handing it to Israel, then paying interest on it for evermore afterwards. 10 million American families are reportedly sliding into foreclosure; but the US administration continues to heap tax money onto Israel.

It is not as if Israel is a close ally. The Israeli regime spies on America incessantly. Its forces have killed and injured numerous Americans with impunity. And Israel has repeatedly stolen US technology and passed it on to other nations, some of them America’s enemies.

In 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty, killing or injuring over 200 American servicemen. A high ranking independent commission in 2003 found that Israel had committed an act of war against the United States. Yet the US President at the time (Johnson), and his secretary of defense (McNamara), are said to have recalled rescue aircraft and ordered a cover-up.

Israeli aggression and defiance of international law, human rights conventions and UN resolutions, have created enormous hostility throughout the world, much of which is directed at the US as Israel’s number one buddy, funder and protector. Furthermore Israel’s nuclear arsenal is a menace both to the region itself and far beyond. It has refused to sign the nuclear proliferation treaty and the British American Security Information Council has found that in Israel “nuclear weapons are being assigned roles that go well beyond deterrence.”

The fact that such weapons are in the hands of Israel’s psychopaths makes it perfectly understandable that other nations in the region wish to acquire them as a deterrent.

US intelligence agencies have so far found no concrete proof that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Iran, of course, is not happy to be constantly threatened with sanctions and pre-emptive strikes. It demands that the American authorities publicly apologize to the Iranian government and its citizens “for the false accusations they publicized against Tehran in violation of international norms and regulations”. In a letter handed to the Swiss Embassy, which represents US interests since Iran and Washington severed diplomatic relations in 1980, Tehran also demanded compensation for material and moral damages caused by America’ anti-Iran publicity campaign.

You’d think that a supposedly responsible superpower like the US would seek to re-establish diplomatic links rather than stay in a sulk for 30 years and spitefully snipe and intimidate through third parties.  America is seen to have the unmistakable hallmarks of a playground bully who could drag us all into another world war.

As for Israel’s war crimes in Jerusalem, the West Bank and especially Gaza, the racist regime uses American weapons in violation of US laws, killing and maiming huge numbers of civilians, women, and children.

This endless killing spree funded by American taxpayers and shielded by the US government has caused a burning hatred of the US throughout the Muslim world.

Britain, as America’s and Israel’s bitch, is also feeling the heat and putting herself in peril.


Meanwhile, on the British side of the Atlantic former ambassador Craig Murray has numerous well-placed informants and is busy blowing the lid off one of the slimiest intrigues ever exposed at Westminster.

On his website Murray has penned a marvellous piece titled Gould-Werritty: A Real Conspiracy, Not a Theory. Gould is the British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould and Werritty is zionist stooge Adam Werrity, friend and “adviser” to disgraced defence secretary Liam Fox.

 "There is a huge government cover-up in progress over the Werritty connection to Mossad and the role of British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, and their neo-con plan to start a war with Iran,” says Murray. He had made a Freedom of Information request for all communications between Gould and Werritty and was astonished to receive a midnight reply that his request was refused because it was “likely to exceed the cost limit”. 

This was like a red rag to a bull. And it coincided with attempts to obstruct MP Paul Flynn while questioning Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell on the Gould-Werritty connection at the House of Commons Public Administration Committee. Flynn was repeatedly interrupted by Robert Halfon MP who, says Murray, receives funding from the same Israeli sources as Werritty and was formerly Political Director of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

Murray’s concerns centre on the numerous meetings between Fox, Werrrity and Gould, and especially their “private dinner” in Tel Aviv with Mossad. Murray claims that Gould met Werritty many times more than the twice that O’Donnell listed in his “investigation” into the affair.

Murray observes: "It is now evident that not only did Fox, Gould and Werritty have at least five meetings while Fox was in power – with never another British official present – they had several meetings while Fox was shadow Foreign Secretary.” He acknowledges that O’Donnell was correct in saying that what Fox and Werritty were up to in opposition wasn’t his concern. But what Gould – a senior official – was doing with them most certainly was. "A senior British diplomat cannot just hold a series of meetings with the opposition shadow Defence Secretary and a paid zionist lobbyist. What on earth was happening?"

O’Donnell, replying to Flynn’s questions about the dinner date with Mossad, said: "The important point here was that, when the Secretary of State had that meeting, he had an official with him—namely, in this case, the ambassador. That is very important, and I should stress that I would expect our ambassador in Israel to have contact with Mossad. That will be part of his job. It is totally natural, and I do not think that you should infer anything from that about the individual’s biases. That is what ambassadors do."

But Murray is adamant. "I know from a mole that the plot involves a plan to attack Iran."

Many will feel it is intolerable for a Christian country like Britain to be represented by a Jew, especially in the Middle East and more especially in Israel where there is bound to be a conflict of interest. There used to be a rule in the Foreign Office, I understand, preventing such person being appointed. Why was that rule disregarded?

Gould has been photographed wearing a Union Jack kippah in a tacky attempt to convince us he’s batting for Britain. Can an ardent zionist Jew be anything but an Israel-firster? You may well ask… Fox and Werritty are both zionist sympathisers, as are foreign secretary Hague and prime minister Cameron.

All of them appear firmly wedded to the principle expressed in Fox’s idiotic declaration that “in the battle for the values that we stand for… Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together…” Fox was the man the Jewish Chronicle hailed as “a champion of Israel within the government”, though of course there are many others – 80 percent of Conservative MPs for a start.

Mad, Mad World of Diplomacy

The American and British publics have been shamefully caught up in more than enough zionist warmongering plots. Iraq, which we subjected to 12 years of cruel sanctions and subsequently bombed back to the Stone Age, killing hundreds of thousands, was never our enemy. Libya was not our enemy. Iran is definitely not our enemy. Nor is Afghanistan; nor Syria; nor Lebanon; nor Palestine; nor Egypt.

As I write, reports are coming in that Iran’s parliament has voted to expel the British ambassador, presumably in retaliation for the British chancellor George Osborne’s announcement last week of fresh punitive measures targeting Iranian financial sectors, including the Central Bank of Iran. The bill now needs the approval of the Guardian Council.

The UK Foreign Office says it will to react "robustly" if Iran expels its ambassador. “This unwarranted move will do nothing to help the regime address their growing isolation or international concerns about their nuclear programme and human rights record. If the Iranian government acts on this, we will respond robustly in consultation with our international partners."

However, for some seven months this year the Foreign Office didn’t bother to send an ambassador to Tehran when the last one finished his stint in March. Hague and Cameron, like Obama and Clinton, apparently think it unimportant to maintain senior level contact with the country they say is dangerous and must be crippled by sanctions or smashed by war.

Welcome to the mad, mad world of zio-British and zio-American diplomacy.  Shouldn’t they be straining every sinew to strengthen links with Iran, too long neglected? Or are we supposed to applaud this supremely casual attitude in the matter of key relationships that could mean life or death for millions?

The stench of “something rotten in the state” is becoming unbearable. Would the Council for the National Interest Foundation care to set up a branch here in the UK, please, and help clean up and disinfect?

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