Dozens Detained, Jenin Death Toll Rises – West Bank Raids Intensify

Israel intensified its raids in the occupied West Bank. (Photo: via WAFA)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Scores of Palestinians have been detained across the occupied West Bank, while one Palestinian has succumbed to critical wounds sustained during Israel’s military raid in Jenin on Friday, bringing the total number of those killed to eight.

Ahmad Rashad Abu El-Haija, 24, was seriously injured during the raid in which an Israeli drone targeted a group of young men in Jenin camp, killing seven, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Israeli forces conducted a series of detentions from Sunday evening into the early hours of Monday, detaining at least 30 Palestinians from the West Bank, including children and former prisoners, reported WAFA.

The Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS) and the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Commission Prisoners said that the detentions took place in Ramallah, Jenin, and Hebron (Al Khalil), while the rest of the arrests occurred in the governorates of Qalqilya, Bethlehem, Nablus, Jericho, and Tubas.

Seven Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raid on Jenin – West Bank Update

The statement said ongoing Israeli incursions involve widespread raids, severe beatings, threats against detainees and their families, as well as instances of property destruction and sabotage in civilian homes.

Since October 7, the number of Palestinians detained by Israeli troops has exceeded 9,580, according to the organizations.

Clashes Near Yusuf’s Tomb

Dozens of illegal Jewish settlers stormed the area of Joseph’s Tomb, east of the city of Nablus, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, in the early hours of Monday.

WAFA said the settlers performed Talmudic rituals at the shrine, while Israeli forces stormed the eastern region of Nablus, accompanied by a military bulldozer, and began bulldozing and vandalizing the streets surrounding the shrine.

Clashes reportedly broke out there, during which the occupation forces fired live bullets, stun grenades and poison gas towards the resisting youth, but no injuries were reported.

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said in a statement that its fighters confronted the Israeli forces’ incursion into the area “targeting the invading forces” with “heavy barrages” of bullets.

According to the Times of Israel, the Israeli military said its “troops and police officers escorted some 500 Jewish worshipers to the Joseph’s Tomb site overnight.”

Israeli forces also stormed the residential area of Nablus and detained a youth after raiding his home.

Settlers Shut Salfit

On Sunday night, Jewish settlers bulldozed and destroyed the northern entrance to the town of Salfit, placing cement blocks at its entrance.

Witnesses told WAFA that the action from the settlers prevented the local residents from entering or leaving the town.

The entrance was eventually reopened, but the road infrastructure remained largely destroyed, making it difficult for vehicles to pass.

WAFA said this was not the first time that the settlers damaged the entrance to the town in the past few days.

The northern entrance to Salfit is considered the main road that connects the town to the rest of the villages and towns of the governorate, and the rest of the West Bank’s cities.

School Demolished

Israeli occupation forces on Monday demolished a school, east of Yatta, south of Hebron (Al Khalil), reported WAFA.

Anti-settlement activist Osama Makhamreh said the school had about 70 students, from the first to the fifth grade.

Settlers from the colonies of Karmiel and Tzcharman attacked the school more than once and destroyed its contents, to pressure the residents to leave that area for the benefit of the two colonies, said WAFA.

According to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, 57 schools in the West Bank have been raided and vandalized by the occupation and settlers since October 7.

Homes Demolished

Israeli occupation forces on Monday demolished three houses and sheep barns, bulldozed lands and water tanks, and uprooted trees, in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron (Al Khalil).

Osama Makhamra, an anti-settlement activist, told WAFA that the occupation forces raided Khirbet Aqwiwis in Masafer Yatta and demolished the house of resident Jibril Musa Al-Na’min, home to a family of twelve.

They also demolished a 140-square-meter sheep barn and razed crops, and fruit trees owned by Al-Na’min.

Israel Tightens Control over Area B – Annexation of West Bank Begins

Illegal Jewish settlers from the Khavat Ma’on colony uprooted 120 fruit trees belonging to Hafez Al-Harini in the village of Al-Tuwanah in Masafer Yatta, and began expansion work for the colony.

The occupation forces also demolished two homes owned by Hatem Musa Hassan Jabarin and Fadl Ismail Al-Najjar in the village of Shaab Al-Butm in Masafer Yatta. Each of them has an area of ​​60 square meters and is inhabited by 14 people.

In the same area, the occupation forces also demolished two sheep pens, destroyed sanitary units and water tanks, and bulldozed lands and trees belonging to Hatem Jabareen and Youssef Mahmoud Youssef Jibreen.

Settlement Expansion

Makhamreh explained that the occupation forces began new excavations in Al-Ayn Al-Bayda area in Masafer Yatta to expand the Ezkhar Man colony.

The coordinator of the Popular Committees to Resist the Wall and Settlements in South Hebron, Ratib Al-Jabour, told WAFA that the attacks by the occupation forces in Kharb and the villages of Masafer Yatta aim to displace citizens and expand the colonies established on their lands south of Hebron.

Settlers have escalated their attacks since October 7, and since the beginning of this year, carried out 1,334 attacks in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, killing seven Palestinian citizens, said WAFA.

Elsewhere, Israeli occupation forces on Monday demolished two homes and razed agricultural greenhouses in the Shweika Plain, north of Tulkarm.

Largest West Bank Land Seizure in Decades – Israel Speeds Up Settlement Activity

Sufyan Al-Masrym said that Israeli forces demolished his house without prior warning, and did not allow him to remove his belongings, even though he had papers proving his ownership of the land.

Al-Masrym said that the occupation forces also bulldozed six dunums (about 1.4 acres) of greenhouses that he owned, preventing him from dismantling them before it was destroyed.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces demolished another house under construction and razed greenhouses planted with vegetables in the same area.

Land Occupied

Jewish settlers on Monday also set up tents on Palestinian lands in the village of Bitello, northwest of Ramallah.

WAFA said a group of settlers stormed Mount Mustafa al-Ali in the village, set up tents and raised Israeli flags, in an apparent step towards establishing a colonial outpost in that area.

Al-Aqsa Stormed

On Monday morning, 144 settlers, under the protection of Israeli police, broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied Jerusalem and performed Talmudic rituals, reported WAFA.

During the incursion, Israeli police imposed restrictions on the entry of Palestinian worshippers to the mosque. Additionally, Israeli police intensified the restrictions at the gates of the Old City, effectively turning the area into a military zone.


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