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Gaza reels under new massacres carried out by the Israeli army. (Photo: via Eyes on Palestine)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Fierce fighting between the Palestinian resistance and invading Israeli forces continued in the Shejaiya neighborhood east of Gaza, as Israeli warplanes carried out new massacres in central and southern Gaza.

More Israeli soldiers were reportedly killed and wounded in new battles, as Washington renewed its support for Israel’s war.

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Saturday, December 16, 04:15 am (GMT+3)

US STATE DEPARTMENT: US Secretary Antony Blinken discussed with his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock what they describe as urgent need for humanitarian aid delivery and to protect civilians in Gaza, the State Department said.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Fierce clashes have been taking place for several hours in the city of Khan Yunis, between the Palestinian Resistance and the Israeli occupation forces.

AXIOS (Citing Israeli source): Israeli government has expressed a willingness to discuss a new prisoner exchange agreement with Hamas, which includes the release of the remaining women.

Frying Eggs and Grilling Merkavas – Hamas Responds to Israeli Leaflets

Saturday, December 16, 1:10 am (GMT+3)

US CENTRAL COMMAND: The continued attacks by the Ansarallah from Yemen are evidence of the great danger to international shipping in the Red Sea.

AL-AQSA SATELLITE TV: Israel rains fire belts and phosphorous bombs on the eastern Gaza neighborhoods

AL-JAZEERA (citing eyewitnesses): Ongoing clashes are taking place between the Palestinian resistance and the occupation forces, in the areas of advance in the center and east of Khan Yunis.

GAZA’S HEALTH MINISTRY: Work at the Shuhada al-Darj Health Center has stopped, after its surroundings were subjected to intense Israeli artillery shelling.

AXIOS: Israel has expressed its willingness to discuss a new prisoner exchange agreement

Friday, December 15, 11:40 pm (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Families of Israeli prisoners demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Defense.

AL-MONITOR (citing US official): We are seeking to relaunch talks between Hamas and Israel.

CNN: The Biden administration rebuked Israel for its attacks on the Lebanese army

Friday, December 15, 10:30 pm (GMT+3)

fREUTERS (quoting Israeli military official) We expect heavy losses in Gaza.

WHITE HOUSE: We agree with Israel that the conflict will continue for months, but its operations should be more precise.

NYT (quoting former Israeli captive): During my detention, I had long and warm conversations with my kidnappers. We were treated with respect and were not subjected to any physical harm or ill-treatment.

AL-JAZEERA: families of Israeli prisoners went to the Ministry of Defense headquarters in Tel Aviv to demonstrate after the army announced that it had killed three prisoners in Gaza “by mistake.”

ISRAELI ARMY: An Israeli occupation army spokesman said that their forces killed 3 Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip “by mistake” today.

Friday, December 15, 9:20 pm (GMT+3)


The bodies of 7 Palestinians were recovered from under the rubble of Youssef Shehadeh’s house in the Brazil neighborhood, south of Rafah, after it was bombed by the occupation yesterday.

News of a new massacre as a result of an Israeli bombing of a residential square for the Salem family in the Sheikh Radwan area, north of Gaza City.

Renewed artillery shelling east of Rafah Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians were killed and wounded in the bombing of a house near Al-Radwan Mosque in the Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza.

Four Palestinians were killed and a number were injured in the occupation bombing of a house in the Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Violent clashes renewed between the resistance and the occupation army in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israel bombed a house on Al-Mazraa Street in Deir Al-Balah.

WAEL AL-DAHDOUH: The occupation forces targeted ambulances that tried to reach our colleague Samer Abu Daqqa.

AL-JAZEERA: Al-Jazeera cameraman, Samer Abu Daqqa, died after being injured in an Israeli airstrike. He was left lying on the ground for approximately 6 hours, as the ambulance was unable to reach him.

ABU OBEIDA: In the last five days, we have targeted more than 100 Israeli military vehicles. Our mujahideen are valiant and fight heroic battles that will be immortalized in the pages of history.

Friday, December 15, 7:30 pm (GMT+3)

NBC (quoting US OFFICIALS): It must be recognized that “this war (on Gaza) is not our war.”

ISRAELI MEDIA (citing military sources): A missile fired from Syria landed in an open area.

AL-JAZEERA: Cameraman Samir Abu Daqqa, who has been injured in the vicinity of the Farhana School in Khan Yunis, has been under siege for five hours.

UN OFFICIAL: The massive displacement in Gaza must not turn into a refugee crisis.

ISRAELI ARMY SPOKESMAN: We are paying a heavy price, but our goals are fixed: to overthrow Hamas and recover the hostages.

Friday, December 15, 6:30 pm (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli artillery shelling continued on Jabaliya camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We targeted military vehicles and killed two soldiers.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We bombed occupied Jerusalem with a missile barrage.

AL-JAZEERA: The German international shipping and container transportation company Hapag Lloyd suspended the sailing of all ships through the Red Sea for the next three days.

US MILITARY OFFICIAL: “Platinum 3” ship It was hit by a missile fired by Ansrallah in Yemen.

REUTERS: Israeli shipping company Maersk announces the temporary cessation of all container shipping operations through the Red Sea.

Friday, December 15, 5:30 pm (GMT+3)

SAUDI-IRANIAN-CHINESE STATEMENT: A Saudi-Iranian-Chinese statement expressed concern about the continuing situation in the Gaza Strip as a threat to security and peace in the region. The joint statement stressed “the necessity of immediately stopping military operations in the Strip.”

AL-JAZEERA: Explosions were reported south of the occupied city of Jerusalem as a result of interceptions of missiles launched from the Gaza Strip.


A Palestinian was killed in the bombing of a residential apartment in the Masoud family home in Shawa Square in the Daraj neighborhood in Gaza.

Several Palestinians were killed and injured when Israeli aircraft bombed two houses on Al-Mughrabi Street in the Al-Sabra neighborhood in Gaza City.

Renewed aerial and artillery bombardment on various areas east and north of Khan Yunis.

GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: The occupation army deliberately targeted the Al Jazeera channel crew for the fourth time in a row, in a complete crime in violation of international law.

AL-JAZEERA: Explosions near the Farhana school, in Khan Yunis, where injured Palestinian cameraman, Samer Abu Daqqa, is still lying on the ground, as a result of fragments of a missile fired by an Israeli reconnaissance plane.

Friday, December 15, 4:30 pm (GMT+3)

INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF JOURNALISTS: We are “deeply shocked” Regarding the injury of our two colleagues, reporter Wael Al Dahdouh.

Friday, December 15, 3:30 pm (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Palestinian journalists Wael al-Dahdouh and Samir Abu Daqqa were injured by shrapnel of a missile fired by an Israeli reconnaissance plane, while they were covering a bombing that targeted a school in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

BRITISH MARITIME TRADE AUTHORITY: A fire has been extinguished following an explosion on a ship 30 miles southwest of Mokha, Yemen.

HEZBOLLAH: We targeted the Al-Jardah site in Western Galilee and we achieved a “direct hit”.

YEDIOTH AHRONOT: Israeli centers are not prepared to deal with the large number of wounded army personnel.

Friday, December 15, 2:40 pm (GMT+3)

REUTERS (quoting US officials): The White House is pressing to end the intense phase of the war in Gaza.

AL-JAZEERA: Two missiles were launched from southern Lebanon towards Western Galilee.

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens were sounding in the border town of Arab Al-Aramsha in Western Galilee.

REUTERS (quoting European anti-piracy force in Somalia): A Spanish warship is currently approaching a merchant ship that may have been hijacked by pirates.

US DEFENSE OFFICIAL: “A ballistic missile launched from Houthi-controlled areas hit a second ship flying the Liberian flag in Bab al-Mandab.”

Friday, December 15, 2:00 pm (GMT+3)

AL-QASSAM: Our mujahideen were able to target a building in Juhr al-Dik in which Israeli soldiers barricaded themselves with a TPG shell and left them dead and wounded.

AL-JAZEERA: 12 European countries, Canada and Australia called on Israel to take immediate steps to confront the rising level of settler violence.

ERDOGAN: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “in the recent United Nations vote, most countries stood against Israel, which is heading to be isolated in the world.”

ISRAELI CHANNEL 12: The mini-ministerial council approved the inspection and entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip from the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Friday, December 15, 1:00 pm (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: Israel is currently launching artillery shelling around the towns of Houla, Blida and Muhaybib in southern Lebanon.

ISRAELI ARMY: We bombed Hamas infrastructure on the border with Egypt.

REUTERS (quoting US official): A projectile “we believe to be a drone was launched from Houthi areas in Yemen and hit a ship flying the Liberian flag.”

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We bombed military gatherings in the northwest of Gaza City with a barrage of mortar shells.

ISRAELI ARMY: A reserve soldier was killed today in battles in the southern Gaza Strip. The Israeli army had previously announced the killing of another soldier in the Gaza battles, and later clarified that he was a tank commander.

Friday, December 15, 12:00 pm (GMT+3)

ISRAELI HERITAGE MINISTER: Israeli Heritage Minister Amihai Eliyahu said that the entire Gaza Strip must be occupied.

BELGIAN PM: Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said the situation is getting worse in Gaza. De Croo called for a ceasefire and an end to civilian suffering.

ISRAELI ARMY: We recovered the bodies of two other soldiers who had been detained in Gaza since October 7.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: Al-Quds Brigades announced that it had targeted two Israeli tanks with Tandem shells in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, west of Gaza City.

AL-JAZEERA: British Maritime Security said that a ship flying the Liberian flag was damaged as a result of an air attack north of the Yemeni port of Mokha.

US NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR: There will be a new phase in the war focused on targeting the Hamas leadership. We had valuable discussions in Israel about moving to a less intense military operation.

Friday, December 15, 11:00 am (GMT+3)


Several Palestinians were killed and wounded in the shelling by the Israeli artillery on the neighborhoods of Al-Zaytoun, Al-Shuja’iya, Al-Tuffah, and Al-Daraj in Gaza City.

Israel’s artillery targeted the vicinity of the shelters for displaced people in Jabaliya, north of the Gaza Strip

33 dead Palestinians arrived at the Nasser Complex in Khan Yunis during the past 24 hours.

Israeli occupation forces fired smoke shells east of Khan Yunis in conjunction with the continued bulldozing and destruction of residential homes in the town of Bani Suhaila.

Israeli helicopters fired intensely east of the town of Al-Qarara, east of Khan Yunis.

Israeli helicopters are firing intensely east of Juhr al-Dik in the central Gaza Strip.

Friday, December 15, 10:30 am (GMT+3)

AXIOS (quoting US officials): The arrival of ships to the Israeli port of Eilat had almost completely stopped due to the attacks by the Ansarallah group.

AL-JAZEERA: Several Palestinians were killed and wounded today in an Israeli raid on the Al-Katiba area in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

KAN (Israeli Broadcasting Corporation): Clashes are taking place between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters east of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation army dropped leaflets warning residents of the town of Kfar Shuba in southern Lebanon of the dangers of the activity of Hezbollah fighters in the region.

Friday, December 15, o9:00 am (GMT+3)

ISRAELI CHANNEL 13: the head of Foreign Intelligence (Mossad) David Barnea discussed yesterday with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan the start of negotiations to release Detainees in the Gaza Strip.

BRITISH AUTHORITY: The British Maritime Trade Operations Authority said on Friday that it was investigating a report of an accident near Bab al-Mandab north of the port of Mokha in Yemen.

Friday, December 15, o8:00 am (GMT+3)

AL-JAZEERA: 12 Palestinians were killed and dozens injured in an Israeli bombing that targeted a school housing displaced people in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Friday, December 15, o7:00 am (GMT+3)


The Israeli army threw lighting bombs in the airspace east of Khan Yunis.

Israeli artillery shelling has continued for hours on the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood and the Ashqoula area and its surroundings, east of Gaza City.

Bombardment by Israeli warplanes on Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

PALESTINIAN RED CRESCENT: We have completely lost contact with the operations room in Gaza and all our crews there.

ISRAELI ARMY: A soldier from the Golani Brigade was killed in the battles taking place in the southern Gaza Strip.

Friday, December 15, o5:45 am (GMT+3)

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Fierce fighting is currently taking place between the Palestinian Resistance groups and the Israeli army, which is trying to infiltrate the neighborhood of Shejaiya in eastern Gaza.


An Israeli bombardment targeted a house in the center of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, leaving two dead and a number injured.

Israeli artillery shelling targeted center of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

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