Gaza Stray Dogs Join Resistance, Attack Israeli Occupation Soldiers – KAN

More than a thousand stray dogs infiltrated from the Gaza Strip into Israel. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Gaza dogs continue to carry out their own part of the Resistance to repel Israeli troops, whether those who have invaded Gaza, or others stationed in the so-called Gaza envelope region inside Israel. 

Israeli media said that more than a thousand stray dogs infiltrated from the Gaza Strip into Israel, where they tried to attack soldiers of the Israeli occupation army on the border of the Strip.

According to Israel’s official KAN broadcaster, cited in Al-Jazeera, “hundreds of dogs are approaching (Israeli) soldiers in the (military) assembly areas .. north of Gaza. They roar, snarl and try to bite the soldiers.” 

The Israeli Nature and Parks Authority estimates that more than a thousand stray dogs have infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip, noting that they prey on wild animals, especially farm animals. “Many dogs have preyed on calves in the pens of the kibbutzim of the Gaza envelope and are now attacking soldiers,” the authority noted.

KAN quoted Yehoshua Shakedi, an official in the Nature and Parks Authority, as saying: “We .. must pay attention to the phenomenon of stray dogs, there is no escape but to kill them with bullets.” 

Large Dogs of Gaza 

In early February, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth revealed the failure of dogs trained in the ‘Oketz’ unit of the occupation army in the face of the huge dogs used by members of the Palestinian Resistance in the Gaza Strip.

‘Dogs of War in Gaza’ – ‘Large Dogs’ of Resistance Beating Israel’s Army Canine Unit

The newspaper said that the Israeli Ministry of Defense has now begun a major operation to buy dogs trained from Europe for use in the Gaza war after the failure of the dogs Oketz to carry out its tasks well.

The newspaper acknowledged that 17 operational dogs have been killed in fierce battles so far, claiming that Hamas fighters leave the huge dogs chained inside the targeted houses to scare and mislead the army dogs, until the army carries out the process of withdrawing its forces from these areas.

“The dogs of the Oketz unit are really skilled at ignoring noise, bullets and the presence of other animals, such as cats and dogs, but in such situations the huge dogs of Gaza may try to attack the dogs of the unit and thus hinder their work,” the Israeli newspaper reported. 


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