In Response to Israel’s Channel 13, Egyptian Scholar: ‘Israel is Our Main Enemy’

The Egyptian police officer Mohammad Salah Ibrahim, 23, who killed three Israeli soldiers and wounded two more. (Photo: via Social Media)

Egyptian national security researcher and scholar Ahmed Refaat responded to the Israeli media’s attack on Egyptian soldier Mohamed Salah, who killed three Israelis.

“The Egyptian people know the difference between the obligations of states and governments and the choices of peoples, the first is committed and respected by governments because they are international treaties witnessed by the governments of the world, while the peoples always have their opinion and decision in everything that countries expect,” The Egyptian researcher said in statements to Russia Today’s Arabic services.”

Refaat continued:

“From the first moment of the Camp David Accords, the Egyptian people decided that they were on a different path than that of their government. The Egyptian people are peaceful and do not like wars and fighting, but we were, as a people, grandparents and parents, in our homes when Israel occupied Palestine and committed massacres to displace the Arab population and force them to leave.”

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In reference to the Israeli aggression against Egypt in the Suez crisis in 1956, Rafaat said,

“We were exercising our right on our land, and we were surprised by the aggression, and in 67 as well, and all these wars revealed the crimes of the Israelis towards the Egyptian prisoners between killing them and burying them alive while we were treating their prisoners according to (international) values.”

The Egyptian researcher noted that the Egyptian people know that Israel is their first enemy, which routinely denigrates Islamic and Christian sanctities, kills Palestinians, and conspires so that Egypt is not a developed and strong country. This is why, according to the Egyptian scholar, Arabs “from the Ocean to the Gulf” celebrated the courage of the Egyptian soldier, Mohammed Salah.

“Our people are not a warmonger, but war was originally declared by the other side (Israel) and has not stopped for an hour since October 73, but (continued) by different means,” Rafaat said.

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Rafaat’s comments came in the context of Israel’s Channel 13 publication of a video report in which it launched a sharp attack on Egypt because of the strong sympathy shown for the Egyptian soldier.

The channel said that peace between Israel and Egypt in the eyes of the Egyptian people is unpopular and undesirable.

Although the border between Israel and Egypt is defined as a “peaceful border,” Egypt’s many expressions of sympathy for the Egyptian soldier who has become a hero on the Egyptian street have increased since the attack two weeks ago.

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