‘Israel Not After Real Peace With Palestine’

The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s documents suggest Tel Aviv is not after a real peace deal but rather a shelter from international frustration and Palestinian armed response.

An unapproved document outlining Israel’s future foreign policy states that the government should not attempt to reach a permanent settlement with the Palestinians but should focus instead on a temporary accord to prevent US and European frustration.

The draft, handed to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday, was composed by Naor Gilon, Lieberman’s former counselor for political affairs, and is scheduled to be presented before the ministry’s directorate within the coming days in order to be approved as Israel’s official foreign policy.

Gilon argues that ‘the attempt at imposing a settlement with the Palestinians has failed in the past’, warning that future attempts would lead to more disappointment on the part of Israel’s Western allies and a harsh Palestinian response.

"We need a realistic attitude – the arrival at a temporary accord without dealing with the core issues. This is the maximum that can be achieved, if we want to be realistic," Ynet news website quoted the document as saying.

It also advises Lieberman to reestablish ties with African, Latin American, Balkan, Asian, and moderate Arab nations, countries which Israel has abandoned for many years.

Gilon has also urged Lieberman to employ a zero tolerance policy for instances of anti-Semitism and international isolation, suggesting that Israel should focus on environmental and economic issues in order to improve its global image.

Israel turns to face-saving measures amid mounting challenges it faces from the international community over war crimes committed during Tel Aviv’s 23-day military onslaught against the Gaza Strip, which left more than 1,400 people — mostly civilians — killed.

Tel Aviv’s Western allies are also pushing for a freeze on its illegal settlement construction activity in the occupied West Bank to pave the way for resuming long-stalled peace talks with Palestinians.

(Press TV)

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