Israeli Government to Go ahead with Judicial Overhaul amid Protests

Israel's 37th government. (Photo: via Benjamin Netanyahu TW Page)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to proceed with the judicial law that has submerged his government in a new crisis, The New Arab reported.

In a statement on Monday, Netanyahu appeared to accept a proposal by far-right Religious Zionism MK Simcha Rothman that the government appoints two Supreme Court judges while the rest will need to be approved by at least one member of the opposition and another judge.

“We are extending a hand to anyone who genuinely cares about national unity and the desire to reach an agreed accord,” the coalition statement said.

Mass Protests and False Hope: Israel’s Supreme Court is No Friend of the Palestinian People

The Black Flag protest movement rejected the outreach as “a transparent attempt to put the protest to sleep with pretty words”, Reuters reported.

Israel’s opposition and members of the military have decried the government’s plan to appoint high court judges which it says will push the country into a dictatorship.

The planned judicial overhaul has seen mass protests across Israel, particularly in Tel Aviv where activists have managed to close major roads and besiege Netanyahu’s residence. Internationally, the UN and Israel’s allies have also voiced concerns about the issue.

(The New Arab, PC)

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