Kushner: Palestinians Should Accept ‘Full Package’, Give up ‘Fairy Tales’ (VIDEO)

Senior White House advisor Jared Kushner. (Photo: Video Grab)

US President Donald Trump’s Senior Adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner said on Tuesday that Palestinians should accept the “full package” of the so-called peace plan and give up fairy tales. 

In a media interview with Al Jazeera network, following the announcement of the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ by Trump in Washington, Kushner said that the detailed plan offers practicality to Palestinians and Israelis.

Kushner called the decades-long Palestinian efforts for statehood “old claims, myths, lies” and said the plan gives Palestinians an “ability to have a pathway” for a state of their own.

He praised Trump for his “achievement” to convince Israelis to put a four-year settlement freeze and went on to say that this the “last chance” for Palestinians to have a state and to find peace and economic prosperity.

Referring to the Palestinian Authority’s rejection of the plan, Kushner commented:

“They are not ready to have a State. If you are ready to have a state, you don’t call for a day of rage. You go to the table, … you make compromises to allow your people to have a better life.”

“The Palestinian people are on a terrible trajectory thanks to a lot of bad decisions by their leadership,” Kushner continued. “They have to stop holding out for myths that will never come, and fairytales that will never come.”

According to the plan, the US will officially recognize Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied territories; Jerusalem will be the “undivided capital of Israel”; Gaza will have to be demilitarized and “there shall be no right of return” for Palestinian refugees.

(Palestine Chronicle, Anadolu Agency, Social Media)

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