‘Negotiations Will Not Take Long’: Stunning Revelations about Hamas’ Israeli Prisoners

Palestinians walk near the Beit Hanoun (Erez) Crossing in Gaza. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

What do we know about the number of Israeli soldiers killed and captured by Palestinian Resistance? 

Numerous videos are circulating on social media, all coming from several sources belonging to Palestinian Resistance groups, namely Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. 

The footage showed Israeli soldiers killed, wounded, under siege in their own military camps, or captured. 

All of this is part of Hamas’ ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ operation, carried out swiftly and on multiple fronts starting on Saturday morning, October 7. 

But there are no specific numbers, or even rough estimates of how many Israeli soldiers killed, wounded or captured by the Resistance. 

Yet, some details are finally emerging. 

In The Hundreds 

A source in Hamas told Aljazeera Net that the “losses in the ranks of the (Israeli) occupation are unprecedented and confirmed that the number of the Israeli dead is estimated in the hundreds.”

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also revealed that the initial Resistance attack included clashes with Israeli soldiers in 50 different military bases across border towns and settlements in southern Israel. 

“The field capability and the military organization in which the members of the Al-Qassam Brigades appeared, stunned the Israeli occupation, and shocked its commanders and soldiers,” he said, adding that all of the claims are well documented by the Resistance. 

That interview also gives us a sense of how many Palestinian fighters entered Gaza early Saturday. According to the source, over 1,000 elite fighters; half of them are back in Gaza, while the rest are still fighting inside Israel. 


What about those captured? Here the revelations become particularly shocking. 

“Most of the officers of Israel’s Southern Command were captured, including the commander of the Gaza Division,” a high-ranking Israeli army general. 

Soon, Al-Qassam will be ready to negotiate a prisoner’s exchange from a position of power: perhaps all of your prisoners, for all of our prisoners. 

We have enough Israeli prisoners to make it “possible to release all prisoners and (empty) all occupation’s prisons,” the source said.  

“Any negotiation process in this regard will not take long, given the size of the military ranks of the Israeli prisoners (who are held by) the Resistance,” the source said.

The Israeli occupation government will not accept that “a number of its most prominent military commanders remain in the hands of Al-Qassam,” he added. 

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