Hezbollah Officially Joins Fight Against Israeli Occupation – DEVELOPING STORY

A recent photo from Hezbollah's military drills in southern Lebanon. (Photo: Supplied)

The Israeli military has confirmed that shells from Lebanon have fallen in areas under Israeli military control in the Shebaa Farms.

UPDATE: Hezbollah re-erected a tent that was hit by the Israeli army in response to the Hezbollah targeting of three Israeli military sites in the occupied Shebaa Farms and the hills of Kfar Shuba.

UPDATE: In a statement, a copy of which was received by The Palestine Chronicle, Hezbollah said that the attack against Israeli military positions has been carried out in “solidarity with the victorious Palestinian Resistance”.

This is What Hezbollah Said following Targeting of Israeli Military Positions

UPDATE: The Lebanese Resistance group, Hezbollah officially enters the fight against the Israeli occupation, declaring that it has targeted three Israeli military positions in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms. 

UPDATE: More shelling targets an Israeli military position near the Zibdeen Farm, in the Sheeba Farms region. 

UPDATE: Israeli army says we have responded to Hezbollah fire and are ready to deal with all scenarios and at all fronts.

UPDATE: The Israeli army says we have targeted Hezbollah infrastructure in Shebaa Farm with drones.

Original Story 

The Israeli army’s announcement followed earlier reports in Israeli public radio that shells and gunfire from Lebanon have targeted an Israeli military position, mostly in the Kafr Shuba Hills.

It is unknown if the source of the fire is Palestinian or Lebanese resistance group, as no group has, as of yet announced responsibility for the shelling.

This is How Hezbollah Responded to Hamas’ Call for Resistance – FULL TRANSLATION

The Israeli military said that it has focused its attacks on the areas from which the fire originated.

Israeli authorities also called on all resorts near the Israel-Lebanon border to be immediately closed, Aljazeera Arabic reported.

Also, many Israelis have been urged to go down to shelters.

Shebaa Farms, among other regions under Israeli control in the north, belong to Lebanon and they are considered militarily occupied by Israel.

On Saturday, commander of Hamas’ Al-Qassan Brigades, Mohammed Deif, called on Arab resistance in Lebanon to join the Palestinian Resistance in its ongoing war against the Israeli occupation.

Al-Qassam Spokesman, Abu Obeida Made a Statement: What is His Message to the Palestinians

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