Netanyahu’s War’s Objectives are Unattainable – Former Israeli PM

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By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, saying that the goals set by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are “unattainable”. 

In an article published on Saturday in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert argues Israel has only two choices: a ceasefire now or the death of the Israeli captives currently held in Gaza.

“The expectations our government of doom had manufactured regarding the war’s objectives were baseless, unreal and unattainable from the first,” Olmert wrote.

“Netanyahu, if he had been fully conscious when he first released this boastful commitment or when repeating it at each of his grotesque press conferences, should have known that there was no possibility of achieving (the destruction of Hamas – PC),” he added.

The former prime minister went on to accuse Netanyahu of “vanity, fraud, deception, theater.” 

“Bibi – in his essence, in the purest form of his falsehood,” he added.

Olmert stressed that Israel has two options: “a cease-fire as part of a deal that may bring home the hostages (…) and a cease-fire with no deal, no hostages, no apparent achievement”.

Olmert also noted that the second option would bring a “total loss of the remnants of international public support for the State of Israel’s right to exist”.

“This cessation of hostilities will be forced upon us by our closest allies, led by the United States, England, France and Germany,” he stated.

“It’s decision time. A cease-fire with living hostages, or a forced cessation of hostilities with dead ones,” Olmert concluded.

The Israeli army declared on Thursday that it is pulling the Golani Brigade out from the Gaza Strip. According to military analysts, the retreat from Gaza reflects the heavy losses suffered by Israel’s top fighters at the hands of the Palestinian Resistance.

A brief humanitarian truce, which began on Friday, November 24, collapsed on Friday, December 1. During the truce, nearly 100 Israeli captives were exchanged for 240 Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli occupation prisons.

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