Playing in Netanyahu’s Hands: Why is Washington Launching War on Palestinians – ANALYSIS

US President Joe Biden (L) with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: US Embassy Tel Aviv, via Wikimedia Commons)

By Palestine Chronicle Editors

From the very beginning, the United States’ position in support of Israel went even beyond the traditional pro-Israeli bias that Washington is known for. 

This is in part due to the massive pro-Israel propaganda in mainstream media, unifying supporters of both political parties in Washington.

If Joe Biden had any chance of resorting to any kind of ‘balanced language’, it completely evaporated when former US President Donald Trump made the unfounded allegation that Hamas’ weapons were purchased with a few billion dollars that the US has recently released on withheld Iranian funds. 

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Of course, this cannot be the case, as the Hamas operation has been in the planning for years anyway, and now, even US intelligence services are accepting the narrative that Iran was not even informed that Hamas was planning to carry out such an attack. 

All of this changed nothing on the ground as Israel escalates its war on Gaza, Washington continues to escalate its anti-Palestinian rhetoric.

In the eyes of many Palestinians and Arabs, the US is no longer a biased party but a direct participant in the Israeli war. 

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This is made even more true by the sending of large shipments of weapons to Israel as it continues to pound Gaza without mercy, and the sending of the USS General Ford aircraft carrier, conveying the impression that the Americans are now willing to fight and die for Israel. 

These are a few excerpts from US and Israeli officials that give much credibility to the above claims: 

Former US President Donald Trump said in a statement:

“These Hamas attacks are a disgrace, and Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force,”. Sadly, American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks, which many reports are saying came from the Biden Administration.” 

John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, said in an interview with NPR

“The message we really need to send to the Israeli people is, as the president did, we support you. And we can’t – not just in rhetoric. It’s got to be in deed. (…) There’s an initial tranche of military support heading to Israel as we speak. There will be more in coming days, of course.”

In a chilling video interview with Fox News, US Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley said that “America can never be so arrogant to think we don’t need friends, just like we needed them on 911.” 

“I say this to Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu: Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this. You know Iran is behind it. Finish them,” she added.

US President Joe Biden said at a televised White House speech:

“There are moments in this life – I mean this literally – when a pure unadulterated evil is unleashed on this world .. This is an act of sheer evil.” 

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is flying to Israel on Wednesday in a display of support, as Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continue for the fifth day in a row.

“The United States has Israel’s back. We have their back today, tomorrow — we will have it every day,” Blinken told journalists just before departure.

“We’re determined to make sure Israel gets everything it needs to defend itself.”

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