Pro-Israel Group AIPAC is ‘Helping Fund’ Anti-Sanders Ad Campaigns (VIDEO)

Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking to challenge President Donald Trump in November's presidential election. (Photo: File)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is reportedly helping to fund advertisements attacking Senator Bernie Sanders in Nevada.

Pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC is encouraging its members to donate to a Super PAC, launching an anti-Sanders campaign run by the Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI) group, The Intercept reported.

According to The Intercept’s sources, AIPAC is helping fund DMFI’s anti-Sanders advertisements by “allowing donations to DMFI to count as contributions to AIPAC”.

The DMFI, which was founded by longtime AIPAC strategist Mark Mellman, spent $800,000 on similar ads ahead of the Iowa caucus.

The ads will now appear in Nevada, which is set to have a caucus for the Democratic nomination on February 22.

Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking to challenge President Donald Trump in November’s presidential election. Sanders won the New Hampshire’s high stakes Democratic primary earlier this month, and will now move on to more difficult battlegrounds.

Sanders launched a scathing attack on the Israeli government at a Democratic debate in December, calling for a total overhaul of policy towards the country.

The presidential hopeful has previously vowed to end unconditional US support for Israel and promising to redirect some of the annual $3.8 billion in aid to humanitarian relief in Gaza.

“The American taxpayers’ funding of Israel’s military adventures continues unabated, despite the rapidly changing political reality in the Middle East, and the shifting US role in the region,” wrote Ramzy Baroud, Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle.

“The unconditional – and, often, self-defeating — US government funding of the Israeli war machine is linked largely to domestic American politics and, indeed, the unparalleled power wielded by the pro-Israel lobby in the United States,” Baroud added.

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  1. I continue to strongly suggest that the most significant weapons in favor of the Palestinians is to attack th e continual aid to the Israelis from the US, which is a warfare that can be fought in the US courts and receive continual favorable publicity there while exposing none to death or disability and with a good chance of winning, especially since the passage of the newer Israeli Basic Law.

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