Putin: Palestinian Cause is ‘Manifestation of Injustice’, Arabs Not Scared

Russian President, Vladimir Putin. (Photo: Kremlin, via Wikimedia Commons)

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of fueling the conflict in the Middle East by sending an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean.

He stressed that the outbreak of violence in occupied Palestine confirms the failure of US policy in the region.

Putin questioned why it was sent, saying: “I don’t understand why Washington is sending aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean. Do they want to bomb Lebanon or scare anyone? There are people who are no longer afraid of anything.”

“The outbreak of violence between Israel and the Palestinians is a vivid example of the failure of US policy in the Middle East,” Putin said.

He added,

“Washington neglected the mechanisms in the Arab-Israeli conflict area and relied (only) on the material needs of the people in the Palestinian territories,” in reference to international aid that often goes to the coffers of the Palestinian Authority.

“Russia’s position on Palestine and Israel is well known by all parties, as we defend the implementation of United Nations resolutions and the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.”

“Washington has tried to replace the solution of basic political problems with some material handouts, and although this is important for people with a low standard of living, it is also important to address social and economic issues, but as we have always said. That won’t be enough.”

“The escalation of tension in Israel and Palestine is very large, but we must strive to minimize civilian casualties and not to expose children and women.

“It is not known if there is a possibility of calming the Palestinian-Israeli situation in the near future, but we must strive to achieve this, because the expansion of the conflict zone could lead to serious consequences, including in the energy sector.”

The Russian president stressed that it is impossible to solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem without solving the basic political issues, foremost of which is the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.

“Moreover, the settlement policy, along with a number of other components, eventually led to an outbreak of violence,” he said, adding, “What’s happening is terrible,” he said.

Putin stressed that “the Palestinian cause is in the heart of every Muslim and is a manifestation of injustice that has reached an incredible degree.”

(Al-Mayadeen, The Palestine Chronicle)

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  1. Sometimes the voice of reason comes from places that make people feel uncomfortable with their established positions. I just wish Russia could exert some more influence beyond saying the right things.

  2. Merci Monsieur POUTINE, Le PEUPLE RUSSE a toujours était JUSTE et les ARABES n’oublieront pas votre sincérité.

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