Arriving on Gliders: Lebanese Fighters Suspected to Have Reached Israel from Air

The Israel-Lebanon border. (Photo: via QNN)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israeli Channel 12 says that the Israeli army suspects that 15 fighters have flown into Israel using 15 gliders and have reached the Avivim region in northern Israel.

The fighters are suspected to have arrived from Lebanon, according to Israeli media. 

Consequently, sirens have sounded in the areas of Tiberias, Safad and Dishon. 

For its part, Israeli army radio said that warnings of infiltrators using “enemy aircrafts” have also been sounded in Haifa and Carmel areas. 

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Al Jazeera correspondent in Haifa said that an emergency has been declared on all Haifa hospitals.

Meanwhile, Israeli fighters jets are seen actively flying over the occupied Lebanese Sheeba Farms and the eastern part of South Lebanon. 

(The Palestine Chronicle Staff)

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