Quest for Palestinian Statehood: Question of Peace and War

By Eyad El Sarraj – Gaza

Israeli right wing Likud government and Labour (peace maker!) President and other Zionists are alarmed and angry because Palestinians are going ahead to request state membership of the UN. The US President (Nobel peace!), administration and the congress are also upset. The Zionist lobbies, Aipac and Jstreet are all up in arms to frustrate the Palestinian move.



1- Israel is the only country in the world that has not declared its official borders. By accepting a Palestinian state to UN with its 1967 borders, automatically Israel borders will be known and official. The Zionist idea of the Greater Israel takes all historical Palestine and Jordan while no other state should be in the same area.

It is interesting to note that some groups like Islamic Jihad oppose the Palestinian request of UN membership because they believe that all of historical Palestine is Islamic and no other state should be there. Recognizing the state of Palestine within borders of 1967 implies recognition of Israel and its borders and that premise is rejected.

2- Israel was granted by the US and the West the right to deal with the Palestinians as an internal Israeli matter. The US supported Israeli policies and plans all along and prevented the rest of the world from any intervention. The US has monopolized the so called ME peace process over the years, always making sure that Israel is free and unopposed. Most of the American officials who deal with the ME are (like Dennis Ross) Zionists. The congress is effectively controlled. Europe is giving second order. Arab countries are controlled through CIA corrupt agents and dictators.

The UN membership will internationalize the question. The US will be exposed and isolated as the world learns that the most extreme force against peace and justice in the Middle East is the US.

3- The state of Palestine will have many venues to challenge Israel on legal grounds in international courts as a  state under occupation.  This alone means taking Israeli generals to court as war criminals.

This is a time of challenge for the forces of peace in Palestine, Israel and elsewhere to advance their efforts of making peace through supporting Palestinian statehood and not allow the extremists on both sides and in the US to take the region for another war. 

– Dr. Eyad El Sarraj is a Palestinian psychiatrist from Gaza. He is a recipient of the Physicians for Human Rights Awards. He contributed this article to

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