Right-wing leaders, stop cultivating anti-Left, anti-Arab propaganda

The Samaria Settlers Committee, a body that benefits from public funds through the Samaria Regional Council, posted a video in which a master with a German accent who hides behind a broadsheet newspaper uses his Jewish servant to collect stories that blacken the reputations of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces. In exchange, the master tosses the servant euro coins, until the former no longer has any need for the Jew and sends him to his death.

The analogy is clear: Left-wing organizations, whose logos appear at the end of the video after the Jewish collaborator hangs himself, are helping Nazi Europe in exchange for money. The newspaper behind which the master hides bears a resemblance to Haaretz. The message is also clear: The fate of Nazis and their accomplices is known, and the image of the Jewish collaborator swinging on the rope conveys it literally.

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