Secret of Palestinian Resistance – Why is Gaza Able to Fight for Years to Come – ANALYSIS

Al-Qassam fighters writes a Quranic verse on a wall before striking an Israeli tank in Gaza. (Photo: Video grab, Qassam Military Media)

The Americans, too, understand that the battle is simply unwinnable, and most likely they also know that Israel’s policy of starving Palestinians is a direct outcome of their repeated failures in the battlefield.

An Israeli military analyst was cited by Al-Jazeera as making the following assessment of the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza:

“In the 2006 war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, we found the forest, but we did not find the trees, but when we entered the Gaza Strip, we did not find the forest or the trees”.

Indeed, in the 157 days of a most destructive war on the tiny and besieged Strip, neither a forest nor a tree have been found. But what is the logical explanation of this? In short, ‘passive defense’.

What is Passive Defense?

The basic definition of passive defense, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a defense designed solely to resist in place or minimize the effects of an attack against a specified area, position, or front.”

When this principle is applied in the military field, it looks something like this: “A set of measures taken to reduce vulnerability and minimize the potential damage caused by the attack of enemy forces”.

If the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation on October 7 was indeed, as many analysts, including Israelis, agree, “the largest strategy deceptive operation” ever suffered by the Israeli army, leading the country’s “largest intelligence failure”, then the war which followed is the greatest passive defense operation ever carried in any Middle Eastern war.

‘From Where They Do Not Expect’ – Resistance Roundup – Day 156

Change of Tactics

Not only did the Palestinian resistors in Gaza manage to absorb the initial shock of unprecedented firepower ever used by any standing army in decades, but it also managed to lure the Israeli army into numerous ambushes, leading to the destruction of an unprecedented number of Merkava tanks and other military vehicles.

Thousands of Israeli soldiers must have been killed and wounded in these televised attacks, though Israel only admits to a much smaller number.

And it seems that whatever the Israeli army does to change tactics, thus regaining the initiative, the outcome is the same, simply because the Resistance, too, constantly changes its tactics.

The last claim can easily be demonstrated in the current fighting in northern Gaza, where Israeli has claimed to have eliminated the Resistance, and where it is currently starving the remaining population there.

Despite constant assurances by Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari and, of course, by his boss, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, many Israeli military analysts – former, or even active top military brass – speak of a different reality underway in Gaza. In this reality, the Israeli military is simply beleaguered, depleted, and running from one ambush to the other.

The Identity of Your Dead – Resistance Roundup -Day 155

The Americans, too, understand that the battle is simply unwinnable, and most likely they also know that Israel’s policy of starving Palestinians is a direct outcome of their repeated failures in the battlefield.

A recent published American intelligence assessment indicated that Hamas is likely able to fight for years to come.

Indeed, the Palestinian Resistance tactic of passive defense seems to be working and working well.

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  1. The Palestinians Resistance will continue until they achieve their aspirations for its own State because of the resistance of its fighters and its people. This happened in all countries fighting for their independence.

    • may the world stand with them, and finally do something about the sick dog in Washington that emboldens Israel. BTW, the “sick dog” is not confined to Biden.

  2. Well, one thing we can take away from that US “Intelligence” Annual Threat Assessment report, is that for the foreseeable future, neither Israel nor the US will be able to see Hamas or any other Palestinian resistance movement as it truly is, but only as an extension of Iran. This was one of the major causes of the US failure in Vietnam in the 60s-70s, the inability to see Vietnamese patriots for who they were, but only as an extension of the People’s Republic of China – which they weren’t, needless to say. Or in other words, both Israel and the US have guaranteed themselves failure for the foreseeable future.

  3. Every dead IOF child killer and rapist is a step forward for humanity. The Palestinians are standing up to butchers armed by the United States, which is only an appendage of Israel. From Sea to Sea, Palestine will be free! But will the United States ever be free, or does it deserve to be?

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