The Barrel Bombs of Khan Yunis – Qassam Video – Day 142

A new video showed a glimpse of the fighting in Khan Yunis. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Many statements of successful operations against Israeli soldiers throughout Gaza were released today. Among them, a video capturing the fighting underway in Khan Yunis.

A new video, released by Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas, showed a glimpse of the fighting between the Palestinian Resistance and invading Israeli soldiers in the city of Khan Yunis. 

The exchange between the fighters demonstrates the degree of deep spirituality of the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza.

The video showed the usual scenes of Israeli tanks and other military vehicles being targeted and blown up by homemade Palestinian weapons. 

However, a particular scene is worthy of a pause: successive series of explosions referred to in the video as the direct outcome of barrel bombs detonated among a gathering of Israeli soldiers. 

Below is the text, which has accompanied Al-Qassam’s video, and shared on the Resistance News Network Telegram channel followed by the video. 

“Scenes of Al-Qassam fighters clashing with enemy vehicles and soldiers on the axes of the city of Khan Younis.
0:11 – “O Allah, accept from us, O Lord. O Lord, guide our aim.”
0:28 – “‘And you did not throw when you threw, but it was Allah that threw.’ Allah Almighty will throw, God willing. O Lord, O power of Allah.”
0:55 – “After targeting the house with a TBG shell. The hit was successful, by the grace of Allah Almighty. ‘And you did not throw when you threw, but it was Allah that threw.'”
1:55 – Detonating barrel bombs against the vehicles of the occupation.

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